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Preparing for Prom

Words: Melinda Gwanzura

Prom can be seen as one of the most memorable events most high school students attend. It’s a time that not only allows upperclassman to come together and celebrate, but permits students to go out and make memories that can last a lifetime. Some Centennial students take several months to prepare for this impressionable event, carefully picking out dresses, tuxedos, and party buses.

The process of preparing for Prom may just be as exciting as the event itself. Tori Montanez, a senior at Centennial High School gushed over how she daringly asked out her prom date, “At first I wanted to kind of do it in an extravagant way or gesture but the guy I asked to Prom is one of my super close friends. We basically grew up together so I didn’t want to put too much pressure on him. So, instead I decided to just pull him off to the side one day and just have a mature conversation regarding the event.”

Montanez then went on to share how her preparations for this year’s prom stating, “ I actually found my prom dress a few months ago while I was thrift shopping! I know a lot of girls don’t usually do that but I saw potential in it and instantly fell in love with the dress!”

Senior, Sabrina Wang, also shared the hassle of finding the perfect dress, “I finally found my dress a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely in love. I’m just so excited because dress shopping was both a pain and complete bliss. But, I’m reminded whenever I try on the dress, how worth it will all be!”

Wang said, “I’m definitely glad I went to my junior prom because now I kind of know what to expect when it comes to the basic preparations and arrangements my friends, date, and I have to make. I mean I’m not saying you need to go to both proms but it definitely gives you a slight upper hand if you attend your junior prom.”

On the other hand senior, Xander Castle-Smith, suggests that people, especially seniors, over complicate the event stating, “After the promposal most things are pretty simple. I feel like we put too much pressure on this, when in all honesty the night’s outcome really just depends on what you make out of it. It really isn’t necessary to stress out over prom but you just kind of live in the moment.”

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