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Freshman Year Review

Words: Diana Cagas

Making the transition from being a middle schooler to a freshman in high school can be exciting, and nerve-racking. To some, freshman year of high school is no barrier to them, thinking they can handle it like a professional. To others, it is a year where they worry. To all, though, freshman year is just the start of an important high school journey. An opportunity to make new friends, meet new goals, and experience new activities all occur in the span of one’s four years in high school.

Freshman Madison Baltimore takes into account on her first year of high school. “[Freshman year] was very different than what I expected,” said Baltimore. Her thoughts were what many freshmen were thinking: What will others think of me? What groups will I fit into? Are there bullies in high school? Will I fail my classes?

“No one bothered me and the lowest grade I [received] was a C,” she added.

Although freshman year has its downs, it also highlights some amazing memories. Baltimore said, “The highlight of my year was the Homecoming pep rally and my first football game. I had so much fun at both [events] and I made a lot of new friends.”

Entering high school also gives an opportunity to reunite with friends from childhood. “I reconnected with friends from elementary school and made new friends,” she said. “I even got my first boyfriend.”

All in all, one would say that freshman year isn’t all that bad. The key to actually surviving it would to definitely not procrastinate, but also be active in clubs, sports, and meeting new people. “My first year at Centennial was amazing,” Baltimore concluded.

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