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Disney Live

Words: Mevie Henderson

As children of the 1990’s and 2000’s, Centennial students are no strangers to the copious amounts of classic Disney movies. Recently these movies have been turned into live performances with famous actors from either Broadway or Hollywood. The opinions have been mixed on whether the students like these performances or if they think they weren’t as great as the original.

Some students believe that the exposure to the art is exciting, but the casting isn’t superb, which ruins the excitement of the original version.

Senior Maddie Caldis said, “Being a musical theatre nerd, it’s great to know that the art is gaining more attention. At the same time it’s frustrating to see these popular celebrities casted for iconic roles instead of actors who could do the roles justice.”  

On the other hand, some students enjoy these movies and love seeing how much work goes into producing a flawless show.

Senior Jun Lee said, “I love them! I enjoy watching how much work goes into putting everything together.”

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