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Centennial’s NYC Trip

Words: Abby Vall

On Friday, April 28, at 5:45 am, one hundred and fifty Centennial High School students traveled to New York City for a field trip. The group of students consisted of art, photography, advanced theatre, and students in Humanities.

Those in advanced theatre courses went on a tour of the New Amsterdam Theatre. This tour allowed them to see the backstage of a broadway stage and learn about the history of the theatre.

Additionally these students participated in a broadway rehearsal workshop learning the song “One Short Day” from the musical Wicked. Following this workshop they enjoyed lunch and had time to tour around Time Square.

Students in art got the opportunity to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) and also walked around Time Square. The photography students visited The Met and Central Park to capture the beautiful scenery and nature.

To finish the day in the city all the students and chaperones met up for dinner at Planet Hollywood. After the meal everyone took their seats in the theatre to enjoy Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

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“Groutfit” Day

Words: Sandy Eichhorn and Abby Vall

Monday, April 24, marked the first day of Prom Spirit Week. The students kicked off the week by dressing up in groutfits (gray outfits).

Groutfit’s have become more popular recently, and so students excitedly showed their spirit dressed in comfortable gray outfits. These outfits usually involve students wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, but students and teachers took their own twist on the day.

Some teachers were seen with a gray cardigan or shirt as their groutfit, while some students went all out and encompassed the “sweats look.”

In addition to Groutfit Day, Monday was also Grim Reaper Day, which was organized by Eagle Ambassadors. The Grim Reaper and school officer came into the classes of the students who volunteered and told the class that that student had died in a car accident. The officer, Grim reaper, and student would then go outside of the classroom and the student’s face would be painted to resemble a ghost. These students then came back to class and represented victims of car accidents. They were given t-shirts that said how they died, varying between texting or drinking and driving. Once they became victims, the students were not allowed to speak for the rest of the day. The point of Grim Reaper Day is to spread awareness about the consequences of distracted driving and driving under the influence.
Spirit Week will continue on Tuesday, April 25, with Tourist Day.

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Centennial WorldFest

Words: Abby Vall

Photos: Sandy Eichhorn

Centennial held its annual WorldFest on Tuesday, March 28. The event is a time for the community to gather together and celebrate the diversity of cultures within Centennial. National Honor Society coordinated the event and members volunteered throughout the evening.

Centennial’s various clubs sold food from different cultures such as gimbap,Taco in a Bag, hummus, falafel, and meatballs. Along with plenty of food, there was a gallery walk with boards Centennial volunteers created celebrating their unique cultures. A multitude of countries were represented like the Philippines, India, Ireland, and Zambia.

There was a short break between the food booths and the fashion and talent show, where visitors could participate in several workshops ranging from belly dancing to flag making.

The fashion and talent show was a chance for students to represent their backgrounds by dancing, singing, and playing instruments. Bonding Through K-Pop, a North African Medley dance, and a Bollywood dance were some of the many performances. Halfway through the show, several students walked on stage with cultural clothing from countries such as India, China, El Salvador, Sudan, and several more.

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Cherry Blossom Festival

Words: Abby Vall

The trees are budding and the temperature is rising to seventy degrees in the middle of March, throwing a huge curveball at Maryland. That curveball is that Spring is quickly approaching, meaning the cherry blossoms are coming out. The flowers bloom in Washington D.C where an annual festival is held to celebrate.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a weeklong event in Washington D.C., where beautiful blossoms can be found by famous monuments like the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Junior Fayyaz Zaidi shared that taking a stroll through the National Mall “was like nothing I have ever seen…it was so enticing that we spent around [two] hours just observing the true beauty of it.”

People from all over Maryland, and other countries and regions, come to see the beauty that visitors like Zaidi talk about.

Zaidi’s first time at the festival was in 2008 and he continues to go with his family. He said, “It was the mixture of the jubilant weather and the overall beauty of the flowers that made me want to keep going.”

When the sun starts shining consistently throughout the day, the buds bloom into a marvelous sight for all to see. There are other events going on while the flowers are out, like the Japanese Cultural Festival that senior Claire Lee attended. Lee found it convenient that both events were happening at the same time, and took advantage and enjoyed both.

Some students, like junior Carolina Requejo, have never been to the festival but look forward to going someday.

“[I] would be ecstatic to finally see the famous cherry blossoms,” said Requejo.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a breathtaking sight for many students and Requejo shares, “It would be a great family trip and a once in a lifetime opportunity I’d love to experience with my family!”

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Mr. Whitaker Wins Teacher of the Year!

Words: Abby Vall

Photos: Jeremy Hall

The senior votes for Teacher of the Year were finalized and the administration, SGA, and student reporters gathered to congratulate Mr. Whitaker for receiving the Teacher of The Year Award on January 8, 2017.

Ms. Hafets led the entourage to Whitaker’s room as students followed with a sign, balloons, flowers, and a cookie cake congratulating him on his hard work and dedication to Centennial High School.

Whitaker humbly accepted his gifts and said, “You’re only as good as the people and students you work with.”

Congratulations to Mr. Whitaker for being voted Teacher of the Year!

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A Little Taste of Summer- Season Switch Day

Words: Abby Vall

Photos: Meghan Hudson

Season Switch day followed PJ Day in Centennial’s Winter Spirit Week. Even in 30 degree weather many students wore their hawaiian shirts, khaki shorts, rompers, and sunglasses during this spirit day.

Senior Charlotte DeCarlo was strutting through the hallways in her colorful hawaiian shirt, enjoying the day, and junior Claire Priestley was ready for the beach with her sunglasses and towel draped on her shoulders.

The Winter Spirit Week will continue with Ugly Sweater Day on Wednesday, December 21.

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Favorite Fall Foods

Words: Abby Vall

The leaves are changing colors, the temperature has gone down, pumpkin patches have opened up, all signs of the beginnings of fall.

Along with the season change comes favorite fall foods. A variety of foods and favorites come into play whether it’s roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, roasted marshmallows, or the traditional Thanksgiving dinner food items.

Sophomore Elyse Edward’s favorite food is sweet potatoes because “they tastes yummy!” Edwards also has an unhealthy fall food obsession: candy corn.

On the other hand, senior Paulina Balderas doesn’t have a favorite fall food but prefers the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte or hot apple cider. Balderas enjoys having these savory drinks on her kitchen table decorated with a fall themed tablecloth.
Balderas said this tablecloth keeps her falls spirits going because it “has that fall vibe.”

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