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“Groutfit” Day

Words: Sandy Eichhorn and Abby Vall

Monday, April 24, marked the first day of Prom Spirit Week. The students kicked off the week by dressing up in groutfits (gray outfits).

Groutfit’s have become more popular recently, and so students excitedly showed their spirit dressed in comfortable gray outfits. These outfits usually involve students wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, but students and teachers took their own twist on the day.

Some teachers were seen with a gray cardigan or shirt as their groutfit, while some students went all out and encompassed the “sweats look.”

In addition to Groutfit Day, Monday was also Grim Reaper Day, which was organized by Eagle Ambassadors. The Grim Reaper and school officer came into the classes of the students who volunteered and told the class that that student had died in a car accident. The officer, Grim reaper, and student would then go outside of the classroom and the student’s face would be painted to resemble a ghost. These students then came back to class and represented victims of car accidents. They were given t-shirts that said how they died, varying between texting or drinking and driving. Once they became victims, the students were not allowed to speak for the rest of the day. The point of Grim Reaper Day is to spread awareness about the consequences of distracted driving and driving under the influence.
Spirit Week will continue on Tuesday, April 25, with Tourist Day.

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