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Words: Madhue Lal

Photos: Michael Merkey

Centennial hosted WorldFest on, March 22 from 6-9pm. The event hosted an array of different cultures and ethnic cuisine.

The cafeteria was lined with foods ranging from German apple desserts to Indian samosas. Student produced projects, each displaying a different culture, were set up in the hallway outside the cafeteria. Guests were given the opportunity to learn from students about the different customs, traditions, and foods that are specific to different regions.

Bushra Lohrasbi, a senior with a strong Persian background, explained how in school she tends to be more reserved about her cultural heritage.

Lohrasbi feels that, “…this a good opportunity for me to share the culture that has been so deeply ingrained in my family’s tradition.”

Workshops and classes such as Chinese yo-yo and Greek masks were held in various classrooms. These workshops gave guests the chance to interact and experience different ethnic arts and culture.

Shanna Grimes, a language teacher, stated that, “It is important to learn about cultures other than our own.”

The night ended with a talent and fashion show where students sang songs, danced, and showcased different traditional clothing. The night was filled good food and plenty of cultural information.

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Where in the WORLD?

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi

Summer is a time for adventure and discovery, and Centennial kids definitely know how to go all out. For some, a cliché vacation to the beach or to a relative’s house is the norm for their summer. But this year, students at Centennial have decided to go outside their comfort zone, and have the best summer yet.

Jinia Sarkar and Allyanna Rice, sophomores at Centennial, are planning on traveling with the “People to People” organization, an ambassador program for educational student travel. Heading to Europe, they couldn’t be more excited. “For the past couple of summers, I usually go to camps. But this year, I get to go out of the country and to new places, “ says Sarkar. Going to such foreign places without parent supervision could be scary for some, but not for Sarkar. “I am most thrilled to stay with an Italian family for two days during my trip.”

Will Jackson, also a tenth grader, is joining the “over-seas” club this summer. “As part of my confirmation, my church is going to Ireland. I am kind of nervous but happy to go over seas for the first time with friends.” Even though the trip is only ten days, this one trip will be the “turning point of the summer.”

Students like Tori Stroud, a junior at Centennial, have been planning this summer’s trip for quite a while. “I am going on a cruise with my girl scout troop to the Caribbean. It’s our end of high school celebration!” After a long year of work, a vacation to such a beautiful place sounds perfect. “I am so ready to have a vacation with my friends!”

On the other hand, there are students like Caitlin Crumley, a sophomore, who have been out of the country several times before.  However, Crumley, is not a stranger to the typical boring summer. “Over most summers, I … hang out with friends and go to camps.” However, Crumley’s family went to Kenya when she was little and in the summer of 2009. Crumley decided to go back to where she feels the happiest! She has wanted to go back since returning from her last trip. “I’m going to Kenya to build houses in poor, rural areas. I am so privileged for the opportunity and to go for my third time.”

For the rest of us, let’s make the most of the freedom. Improvise and enjoy your lack of sleep deprivation.  Can’t go to the pool? Tan in the backyard! Can’t go to Rita’s? Make homemade ice cream with friends! Can’t go to your favorite band’s concert? Blast their music and have a personal concert!

Staying in the same place can be comforting to a lot of people, but the occasional urge for adventure is part of our human nature. Hopefully your summer will be one of the coolest yet and unforgettable!


Foster The People Coming Back Better Than Ever

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi

Foster the People is an American indie pop band that has a more unique sound than most. They started off as a band in 2009 and hit up the radio charts in 2011 after their catchy song, “Pumped up Kicks” came out.  After having their hit song on the radio 24/7, it seemed as though they dropped off the face of the planet. Fans were ready for new material, and more music to connect with.

Their latest album, Supermodel, was originally announced to be released in November of 2013. However, according to Columbia Records, a scare of the album being rushed to be released was evident, and was then decided to move back the date to January of 2014.

Well, Columbia Records was right. Supermodel, which was released on January 14, 2014, was definitely worth the wait. The vocals and the heavy drums and guitar in most of their songs on this album are hypnotizing.

The second single on the Supermodel album is “Pseudologia Fantastica.” Undoubtedly, this is my favorite song on the entire upcoming album, and even from their last album. A sense of nostalgia goes through your mind while listening, yet you aren’t sure what it’s from. A heavy drum is carried throughout the entire song, with echoes of lead and background vocals.

The lyrics may not seem relevant when you are listening to the band behind the vocals, but taking one look behind the scenes, you can’t stop thinking about the deep meaning that the band is trying to convey. Foster the People start the song off with a strong and heavy message of all the vanities of the world, and all the promises broken to help these erroneous doings.

Say you in the morning it seems
As I could chop one of us seeking life in
Through words bend the teeth through the wall
I promised I would rid the world of feral animals

The very last verse of the song is powerful and extremely meaningful.

You’ve got to look around a certain field
Come down to roast the flesh of some beginning
You’ve got to get back up and face your demons
Don’t ever be afraid of starting over.

It’s almost like a cry for help for the rest of the song, saying that when all the wrong things go wrong, that one person that you depend on all the time will not be there, and you will be lost.  The one message that I took away was that you need to become your own person, and to never be timid of pursuing what you think is best for you, after facing rejection.

After four long years of waiting, Supermodel did not disappoint. Every song has a unique sound that somehow strings all the pieces together.

Bruno Mars’ Latest Album

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi

Bruno Mars is the image of pop. I genuinely can’t think of a time when this five foot five inch legend was on a tabloid for doing something socially unacceptable. Mars’ last album and the most successful thus far is Unorthodox Jukebox. Hit after hit. Number one on iTunes month after month. The one rhythm my neighbors could always hear coming out of my house during the summer was the vintage yet modern beat of the 80’s, with the smooth yet upbeat voice of Bruno Mars.

On this captivating album, Mars lists his first song to be “Young Girls.” This song is literally Mars pleading to his audience of how intoxicated he gets when he falls in love with these ‘young girls.’ It seems like a weird choice to put as the first song on the album because it is such a slow and intimate song. But it’s the fact that it is so slow and intimate that makes it so amazing.

Next is “Locked Out of Heaven,” which has been on the radio nonstop since the day of its single release. The disco rhythm really takes you all the way back to the 80’s. The more than interesting songs start to begin at number three on the track list with “Gorilla;” it is the epitome of a funky beat that actually sounds good. As several YouTube viewers mentioned in the Vevo comment section, “It is the most relatable and best song he (Mars) has written.”

Treasure. Number 5 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and over 3 million sales in less than eight months, Mars sincerely deserved a pat on his back. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the music video with his spastic yet impressive dance moves, including his entire band! The phenomenon is topped off with repeated lyrics throughout the song, making it even catchier.

Number five and six on Unorthodox Jukebox are somewhat similar yet different in so many ways: “Moonshine” and “When I was your Man.” “Moonshine” is what some people might call a classic Bruno Mars song. The definition of a laid back hit with that 80’s twist on it. “When I Was Your Man” was somewhat shocking to many fans, as they had never really heard Mars sing in such an emotional way, especially in his recording, you can sense the remorse in his voice.

Natalie” is an all-time Mars favorite for me. A faster than life tempo and amazing harmonies in the background from the start is an open invitation to listen. The bass drum keeping the beat during the entire song also helps you basically feel the song inside and out. “Show Me” is almost the exact opposite of track number seven. This track has a Jamaican vibe to it with steel drums rocking in the background, and Mars shows his true talent in this song that he can literally create and perform any type of music from any genre.

Coming toward the end of the track list, Mars decides to place “Money Make Her Smile.” This is a hip and unstructured song with a reggae rock swing. Mars told E! News that this song is how he describes “sex, revenge, anger, and chauvinism.”

Last comes “If I Knew.” Mars hasn’t revealed to anyone why he placed this slow and meaningful as his closing song on Unorthodox Jukebox. But this song really shows how great Mars is at making melodies come together with harmonies.

But there seems to be a pattern with Mars on his entire album, Unorthodox Jukebox. “Locked out of Heaven” could easily be mistaken for “Treasure” if you aren’t really paying attention. It has the same vibe and layer back theme. For a music video addict like myself, the video for “When I was your Man” and “Gorilla” look like they were filmed and recorded when disco was at it’s prime. But admittedly, I couldn’t care less. I love listening to him on my way to school or to work in hopes to raise my spirits just a little bit.

Overall, Unorthodox Jukebox was prodigious. This is really a huge throwback album full of disco jams with Mars’ creative and brilliant own twist. Although most of his songs on this album were quite similar in sound and rhythm, it worked. The pop industry seemed so ready for something like this to come out. A flash to the past is sometimes all we need.

Students Unharmed in Wednesday Bus Accident

Words: Corey Grable

Contributors: Sarah Yang, Bushra Lohrasbi, Maryam Elhabashy, Madhu Lal, and Diane Ijoma

On the morning of September18th, morning traffic was heavily backed up due to an accident involving a school bus that was transporting students to Centennial. A car driven by an adult female, an educator within the county not affiliated with Centennial, struck bus number 218 from behind at approximately 7:00am. Principal Claire Hafets said many students described the accident by saying, “It felt like they were running over a squirrel.”

The accident caused the bus to break down and become stranded directly in front of the traffic channel that controls the flow of cars into the Centennial parking lot.  Officer Perry received the call and was the first person on the scene around 7:03am, and Hafets, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Steve quickly followed him to ensure students’ safety and to re-direct traffic around the bus.

Fortunately, no students or the driver of the car were hurt in the crash. The students were safely escorted from the bus and into the school without incident.  “I’m very proud of the students on that bus and the way they behaved,” said Hafets.

The bus was not damaged in any significant way besides a little chipped paint, but the car’s hood was damaged. The cause of the crash was a lack of speed control from the car, according to Officer Perry.