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The Wingspan


March 23, 2016

Words: Madhue Lal Photos: Michael Merkey Centennial hosted WorldFest on, March 22 from 6-9pm. The event hosted an array of different cultures and ethnic cuisine. The cafeteria was lined with foods ranging...

Where in the WORLD?

June 12, 2014

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi Summer is a time for adventure and discovery, and Centennial kids definitely know how to go all out. For some, a cliché vacation to the beach or to a relative’s house is the norm...

Foster The People Coming Back Better Than Ever

March 31, 2014

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi Foster the People is an American indie pop band that has a more unique sound than most. They started off as a band in 2009 and hit up the radio charts in 2011 after their catchy...

Bruno Mars’ Latest Album

December 12, 2013

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi Bruno Mars is the image of pop. I genuinely can’t think of a time when this five foot five inch legend was on a tabloid for doing something socially unacceptable. Mars’ last...

Students Unharmed in Wednesday Bus Accident

September 20, 2013

Words: Corey Grable Contributors: Sarah Yang, Bushra Lohrasbi, Maryam Elhabashy, Madhu Lal, and Diane Ijoma On the morning of September18th, morning traffic was heavily backed up due to an accident involving...

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