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Delta Scholars Host Annual Food For The Soul, Words For The Heart

Words and photos: Camryn Desai

On Friday, February 9, Centennial High School’s Delta Scholar’s Club held their annual Food for the Soul, Words for the Heart event. The night was specially coordinated by Mrs. Shalonda Holt and Delta Scholars, with parents and friends attending the event. The event is held every February for Black History Month, and highlights African American pride, this year’s theme being “to be fearless is… .”

Poems, speeches, and songs made up the performances by the scholars and their fellow students, as well as one musical number by sophomore Muchiri Mbungua.

The student speakers who were featured included: Nova Grissom, Olumoroti Adewole, Aneisa Babkir, Nicole Attram, John Yayi Bondje, Renee Ofori, Nasia Lawton, Hadeel Hamoud, and Kylie Fromm. Fellow students Selaya Smithery, Tamara Dowding, Madison Baltimore, Nicole Attram, Dalaysia Hammond, Tatyana Hampton, and Kylie Fromm each performed a song as well.

Sophomore and Delta Scholars member Lisa Nganga, said events like this “make [her] feel that even though we live in a society where darker skin tones are frowned upon, events like this make [her] feel comfortable and accepted.”

With great food served, and hearts filled with pride, the night was an overall success for the Scholars.

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EXCLUSIVE: Wingspan Interviews Hall of Famer Jean Vanderpool [Podcast]

Interview: Caroline Chu and Natalie Knight-Griffin
Photos: Camryn Desai

This past weekend, Jean Vanderpool was inducted into the Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame. The Wingspan team was fortunate enough to speak exclusively with Vanderpool just days before the induction ceremony.

Wingspan staff members senior Caroline Chu and sophomore Natalie Knight-Griffin conducted the interview with Vanderpool, and sophomores Eliza Andrew, Julia Stitely, and Xander Mauer handled all technical aspects of Wingspan‘s very first podcast.

We are excited to share this podcast, the first of many to come, with our followers.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety below.

To read Wingspan’s article regarding Vanderpool’s induction, click here.

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Centennial Delta Scholars Announces Food for the Soul

Words: Maggie Ju / Photos: Camryn Desai

On Friday, February 9, the Centennial Delta Scholars will hold their fourth annual Food for the Soul, Words for the Heart event from 6 to 8 p.m. in the cafeteria. In observation of Black History Month, there will be cuisine and student performances that are connected to African American culture. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door, and can be purchased from Mrs. Holt in Room 501.

The Delta Scholars Program is an honor society for the empowerment of African American girls. Food for the Soul, Words for the Heart is the Centennial Delta Scholars’ signature event.

“They created the event to bring awareness of the many African American contributions to history,” teacher sponsor Lisa Robinson said. “Each year the aim is to expose myth, stereotypes, and miseducation, replacing it with historical facts often omitted from our history books.”

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Centennial’s Nutcracker Production

Photos: Camryn Desai / Words: Natalie Keane

On the nights of November 30 and December 1, the seats of Centennial’s auditorium were filled for the dance department’s production of The Nutcracker. When the orchestra began to play and the curtains opened, the show immediately captured the attention of everyone.

The production featured amazing choreography, and it also showcased music from members of Centennial’s orchestra, wind ensemble, and choir groups Bella Voce and Madrigals. Each part of the show fit together perfectly, and it made the performance a memorable experience to watch. The music was performed flawlessly and it was what told the story of The Nutcracker. It brought the characters to life, making the audience even more drawn to the show’s message.

The hard work and effort that was put into this production in every aspect, whether it be through dance or music, was apparent, and each dancer on stage showed a tremendous amount of dedication to their roles. The energy that the performers put into The Nutcracker over the past few months really showed through their enthusiasm on stage, and the amazing performances from the dance and music departments definitely made this show a success.





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Centennial Boys’ Varsity Soccer Wins Season Opener

Photos: Camryn Desai / Words: Kieran Senisi

On Tuesday September 12,  the Centennial Eagles Boys’ Varsity Soccer team hosted the Glenelg Gladiators for the 2017-2018 season opener.  Both teams were taking their chances to come out on top, which resulted in the game going into overtime. The Eagles were victorious with a goal coming from senior Captain Alex Keppler.

The Eagles are currently tied for first place in the county with Mount Hebron, River Hill and Wilde Lake. They look to gain another victory at Long Reach on Thursday, September 14.