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Delta Scholars Host Annual Food For The Soul, Words For The Heart


Words and photos: Camryn Desai

On Friday, February 9, Centennial High School’s Delta Scholar’s Club held their annual Food for the Soul, Words for the Heart event. The night was specially coordinated by Mrs. Shalonda Holt and Delta Scholars, with parents and friends attending the event. The event is held every February for Black History Month, and highlights African American pride, this year’s theme being “to be fearless is… .”

Poems, speeches, and songs made up the performances by the scholars and their fellow students, as well as one musical number by sophomore Muchiri Mbungua.

The student speakers who were featured included: Nova Grissom, Olumoroti Adewole, Aneisa Babkir, Nicole Attram, John Yayi Bondje, Renee Ofori, Nasia Lawton, Hadeel Hamoud, and Kylie Fromm. Fellow students Selaya Smithery, Tamara Dowding, Madison Baltimore, Nicole Attram, Dalaysia Hammond, Tatyana Hampton, and Kylie Fromm each performed a song as well.

Sophomore and Delta Scholars member Lisa Nganga, said events like this “make [her] feel that even though we live in a society where darker skin tones are frowned upon, events like this make [her] feel comfortable and accepted.”

With great food served, and hearts filled with pride, the night was an overall success for the Scholars.

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