The Matchim Advantage

The Matchim Advantage

May 24, 2019

Words: Celina Wong Photos: Zach Grable What was your life like eight years ago? Many of us were in elementary or middle school, when our biggest concern was who we were going to sit with at lunch. For teachers and parents, many of you were in the process of building your careers and families. Eight ...

How Many APs Are Too Many?

How Many APs Are Too Many?

March 8, 2019

Words: Celina Wong Photos: Delanie Tucker Although it feels early, students are preparing their schedules for the next school year. Many students opt to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which prepare them for the notorious AP tests in the first weeks of May. Centennial offers a wide variety of t...

A Day in the Life of Mr. Anderson

December 20, 2018

Words: Celina Wong Captions & Photos: Jordyn Blanken, Liam Lovering, and Keith Hitzelberger The Story Behind the Story: Photojournalists Reflect Three photojournalists, Jordyn Blanken, Liam Lovering, and Keith Hitzelberger have recently conducted a photo essay that detailed the daily work of Centennial ...

The Teachers’ Perspective on the Lack of Resources

October 22, 2018

Words: Celina Wong Throughout Howard County, there has been a spike in overcrowdedness of high schools. At Centennial High School, there is an evident change in the student population. Hallways are filled, the cafeteria is packed, and many new portables are acting as additional classrooms. Teachers are ...

Through a Tiebreaker, Centennial Cross Country Captures the Howard County Invitational Title

October 3, 2018

Words: Celina WongOn September 8, 2018, the Centennial Girls Cross Country team scored big by beating Howard High School in a tiebreaker, securing the Howard County Invitational title. In cross country, the top five runners are considered to be ‘scoring runners.’ Whatever place each runner earns ta...

Spirit Week: Seniors vs. Freshmen Perspective

September 27, 2018

Words: Celina Wong From Monday, September 24, to Friday, September 28, Centennial High School students show their school pride by participating in spirit week. The week is designated for students to celebrate homecoming by dressing up in different themes on each day. The freshmen and the seniors lend ...

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