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Centennial Showcases Talent in Annual Dancing With the Staff

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

Photos: Eliza Andrew

On October 25, 2018, Centennial’s Senior Dance Company teamed up with a few lucky teachers to perform their annual Dancing With the Staff show.

There were four groups of dancer-teacher performances. In between each group was a video slideshow displaying the partners practicing their moves, most often with the teachers struggling to follow along, but nonetheless having a good time. Dancers interviewed their teachers of choice, asking questions along the lines of their previous dance experience and dance style of choice.

Tensions ran high as the judges debated results and audience members cast their vote. After fifteen minutes of intense discussion and audience voting, the dancers gathered on stage for results. The judges’ choice was Ms. Rebecca Vanover and Divya Proper, and Mr. David Riddler and Jen Solan received Honorable Mention. In fourth was Mr. Kevin Mccoy and Alison Betler, followed by Ms. Tori Hammers and Arya Bhargav. In second was Mr. Edward Fowler and Katie Pistner. Mrs. Erin Parisi and Eshna Ghosh received first for the night.

From rap to Irish dance, to throwback song choices such as “Call Me Maybe,” Dancing with the Staff was a success.

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Dancing with the Staff

Words: Mehnaz Ashraf

Centennial High School held it’s annual Dancing with the Staff event on Wednesday, November 16.

The teachers and student duos did a phenomenal job creating their routines and performing them to the audience.

Senior Gabrielle O’Brien and Mr.O’Brien took home the trophy for winning the popular vote. However, Mr. Matchim and senior Sarah Kim won the Judges’ Choice with their choreography to a Lady Gaga remix.

Among the finalists were sophomore Alison Betler and Mr. McCoy as 3rd runner up, junior Josie Brock and Mrs. Bickell as 2nd runner up, and junior Grace Dwyer and Ms. Ward as first runner up.  

This was the last Dancing with the Staff for senior Radhika Gholap who said, “I’m proud to call Mr. Piluk my last dance partner and [I] had a really great time.”

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Dancing the Night Away

Words: Ashley Berry

Photos: Hunter Hall

October 6, 2015, seventeen courageous staff members and their talented Senior Company dance partners took the stage in hopes of taking home a first place trophy.

The annual Dancing with the Staff was held in the Centennial Auditorium this past Tuesday. The dance teacher, Rebecca Clark, put on the entire show, and Steven Doff was the MC for the night. Very important judges showed up to chose which team they believed was the best, and therefore, the “judges choice.” The audience also had their chance to vote for their favorite team(s), establishing a first, second, third, and fourth place.

All Senior Company dancers chose a Centennial High School staff member to be their dance partner, and have spent the past few weeks choreographing, memorizing, and practicing a dance unique to them. The teams, in order of performance, were: Kristen Lee and Mrs. Robin Fleegal, Jocelyn Lee and Mr. Allen Leung, Emma Pomeranz and Mrs. Claire Hafets, Teresa Whittemore and Ms. Holly Pasciullo, Grace Dwyer and Mrs. Karen Reynolds, Raymond Wang and Ms. Alexandra Ward, Melissa Nussbaum and Mrs. Elizabeth Engle, Josie Brock and Ms. Kathryn Grimm, Sarah Kim and Ms. Megan Cleveland, Natalia Nagy and Ms. Jessica Hammers, Kennedy Lewis and Mr. Theo Brown, Ashley Xu and Mrs. Yuanjun Liu, Grace Zhang and Ms. Kathryn Carlsen, Gabrielle O’Brien and Mr. Corey O’Brien, Abby Pavuk and Mr. David Matchim, Leaira Reid and Mr. Kevin Dorsey, Shiori Mori and Ms. Erin Fisher.

Lee and Fleegal kicked off the night with a dance to Fall Out Boy’s new song, Immortals, in personalized diamond tee shirts reading “Immortal.” J. Lee and Leung took the stage next with a “fresh” routine to a hip-hop mash-up. Their classic white tee’s and red snapbacks provided them with a great look for their routine. Principle Hafets became “one of the kids” for a night with Pomeranz’s routine to the popular pop song, Shut Up and Dance. Next up were Whittemore and Pasciullo with an upbeat routine that plastered a smile on every audience members face.

Dwyer and Reynolds shook up the competition with an original tap routine to a music mash-up where both Reynolds and Dwyer did a full split, ouch! Wang and Ward made the auditorium bounce with the longest performance of the night. Their hip-hop mash-up made the audience laugh, clap, and cheer as loud as they could, especially when they “whipped” and “nae nae” to the popular song Watch Me. Nussbaum and Engle followed with a dance to Worth It. Engle made a mistake in the beginning of the dance, but made up for it by hitting every other move. Brock and Grimm switched it up with a routine where they did the wave, as well as robotic moves.

Kim and Cleveland hit the mark with their performance to Ghost Town. Their dance brought the competition to a new level with difficult moves and a faster pace. Nagy and Hammers shinned bright on stage in their gold pants during their performance to Can’t Touch This. Lewis and Brown made the crowd cheer for their perfectly in-sync splits and back flips, as well as when they “hit the quan”. Xu and Liu touched the audience with their classic fan dance with beautiful red and yellow fans.

Zhang and Carlsen were in-sync through their entire routine to Dear Future Husband by the popular pop artist, Meghan Trainor. O’Brien and O’Brien, known as Team O’Brien, owned the stage in their Team O’Brien shirts and sparkling gold hats during their dance to Classic. Pavuk and Matchim performed a creative, show-stopping performance to a Britney Spears song mash-up. Reid and Dorsey performed a hip-hop routine where they “hit the whip” and received much praise. Mori and Fisher finished the night with a difficult routine with hat flips and cartwheels that ended with personalized shirts that read “No Treble.”

After a brief intermission where audience members and judges voted for their favorite team, a decision was reached. After a performance by only Senior Dance Company and another with the staff members, results were revealed. Third runner up was Nagy and Hammers; second runner up was Dwyer and Reynolds; first runner up was Mori and Fisher. The Judge’s Choice award went to Pavuk and Matchim, and the 1st Place trophy went to Wang and Ward!

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Dancing with the Staff: A Role Switch

Words: Amanda Ali

On Tuesday April 8, the Senior Dance Company students of Centennial were able to switch roles with the teachers and teach them a thing or two about dancing. The Dance Company hosted the annual Dancing With the Staff, where students and families were able to come and root their favorite performers to victory! Although the process seemed fun for the teachers and dancers, the rehearsal process was nerve wracking.

Due to the dancing competition being held right before Spring Break, many teachers had a difficult time finding free time to practice their dance routines. Not to mention, many of the teachers who participated in the competition had no past dance experience before. Many teachers were terrified to go on stage and perform, but they all succeeded! A lot of the support to go on stage and try their best came from the teachers’ dance partners. Mrs. Miller, who was partners with junior Taylor Good stated, “Taylor made me very comfortable to perform the dance. She truly knew me and was able to teach me the steps really slowly. She was my favorite part of my day for weeks.” The students were able to feel like true teachers, but realized all the difficulties it comes with. Senior Gabrielle Pasciotta, who was partners with Mr. Dorsey for the second year in a row and came in first this year stated, “I learned that being a teacher is a lot harder than it looks, but at the same time, so rewarding.”

The teachers were able to jump out of their own comfort zones and realized that in the end, what mattered most was having fun. The whole process allowed them to achieve things they never would have imagined before. “The hardest part for me was learning to do a cartwheel,” said Mr. Matchim, who placed second with junior Lori Dodge. “I was very stressed about it and the performing night was the first time I successfully did it.” The dancers also noticed a lot of strengths in the teachers during the rehearsal process. “My dance has different levels of choreography,” said junior Lexi Hackerman, who placed fourth with Ms. Fisher, “I’ve realized that Ms. Fisher can learn choreography really fast!”

Throughout the process, the teachers experienced switching places with the students, and started to fully understand what they go through. Mrs. Hafets, who was partners with senior Sydney Auld explained, “You gain appreciation of what the students do on a daily basis. They have so much to do and they are still able to balance their lives.”

Dancing with the Staff may have seemed like just a fun event to the people in the audience, but the teachers shared a special bond with their dance partners and learned new things that they will cherish forever. “You learn you can do things you didn’t think you can do,” said Dorsey, “and we all need that reminder.”

The final voting resulted in Dorsey and Pasciotta achieving first place, Matchim and Dodge getting second place, Mrs. Reynolds and senior Teresa Franey getting third place, and Fisher and Hackerman getting fourth place.

From Mr. Zehe’s hilarious fashion choice to Reynolds’ amazing tap dancing, the night was filled with new talent, and the whole school was able to come together to cheer on their fellow eagles.

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