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Dancing with the Staff

Words: Mehnaz Ashraf

Centennial High School held it’s annual Dancing with the Staff event on Wednesday, November 16.

The teachers and student duos did a phenomenal job creating their routines and performing them to the audience.

Senior Gabrielle O’Brien and Mr.O’Brien took home the trophy for winning the popular vote. However, Mr. Matchim and senior Sarah Kim won the Judges’ Choice with their choreography to a Lady Gaga remix.

Among the finalists were sophomore Alison Betler and Mr. McCoy as 3rd runner up, junior Josie Brock and Mrs. Bickell as 2nd runner up, and junior Grace Dwyer and Ms. Ward as first runner up.  

This was the last Dancing with the Staff for senior Radhika Gholap who said, “I’m proud to call Mr. Piluk my last dance partner and [I] had a really great time.”

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