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Allied Soccer Falls to Glenelg

Words: Meghan Moore

On Monday, October 17, 2016 the Centennial Allied Soccer team stepped on the field against the Glenelg Gladiators for their final home game.

In their final home game, senior players Dominic Roybal, Mike McCarthy, and Jonathan Hanks took charge of the field on both offense and defense. On the defensive end, Roybal and McCarthy were a dynamic duo. Roybal as the main defender, along with help from sophomore Ian Winters, and McCarthy as the goalie, stonewalling Glenelg’s goal attempts.

On offense, Hanks and junior Yousef Tuni were catalysts for moving the ball up the field and getting the ball into position for Hanks to score. Roybal and Tuni also had a successful offensive strike, scoring 2 goals each.

A well-fought game, the Eagles lost to Glenelg 7-6. It was a hard played and successful season for the Allied Soccer team.

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Allied Softball Senior Night Game

Words: Meghan Moore

On Tuesday, April 19, the Centennial Eagles Allied Softball team went up against the visiting River Hill Hawks for their senior game.

The Centennial team played a marvelous game, with all players having at least one hit. Freshmen Hassan Hamood and Ian Winters, as well as juniors Dominic Roybal and Mike McCarthy, had four outstanding hits to help move the Eagle offense. Junior Jonathan Hanks contributed three hits, junior Yousef Touni and sophomore Matthew Na had two hits. The defense was also led by McCarthy on the mound, and Hassan on the third base.

In their senior game, seniors Michael Havlik and Orkun Unal had 6 hits combined, with Havlik contributed four and Unal putting up two. Havlik also dominated defense, remaining the first-baseman when fielding.

The allied softball team has one more game at Meadowbrook on April 22, make sure to go out and show your Centennial support.

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Allied Bowling Loses to Glenelg

Words: Meghan Moore

On Thursday, January 7, 2016, our own Centennial Allied Bowling team went up against one of their rivals, Glenelg High School.

 Senior bowler Michael Havlik had the team high of 113 points, while juniors Jonathan Hanks, Dominic Roybal, and freshman Quinn Henderson all finished with a 7-10 split. Fellow freshman Hassan Hamoud was Centennial’s most improved player, scoring far more higher than usual.

 The Eagles had 16 spares and nine strikes total, with fellow teammates Ian Winters (F), Orkun Unal (Sen.), Matthew Na (Soph.), and Michael McCarthy (Jun.) all playing pivotal roles during the match.

 Unfortunately Centennial did not leave victorious, but the season is not over yet.

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Allied Soccer Faces Tough Defeat Against Reservoir

Words: Meghan Moore

On September 16, 2015, Centennial’s Allied Soccer team took the field in their home opener against the Reservoir Gators.

The first quarter started quickly with Reservoir asserting their offensive presence and scoring within the first two minutes. However, the Eagles retaliated with a determined defense manned by junior Dominic Roybal, freshman Ian Winters, and junior goalie Mike McCarthy. By the end of the first half, the Gators went into halftime with a 0-7 lead.

Having only a few short minutes to recharge, the players took the field and the Eagles looked like a new team. Shots were flying every which way, and senior Michael Havlik scored the first goal, setting the tone for the final half. Sophomore Mariam Kazmi made her home opener debut with a goal in the second half along with junior Jonathan Hanks.

After a long and hard fight, our Eagles closed the gap, but lost 7-5. Although this was a tough defeat, the Eagles fought to the finish, and have set the tone for the season ahead.

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Allied Softball Takes on the Centennial Girls’ Varsity Team

Words: Ashley Berry

At 3:00pm on Wednesday, April 8, the Centennial allied softball team was primed to take on the Marriot’s Ridge Mustangs. Due to transportation issues, the Mustangs never made it to Centennial. Rather than send the allied team home, the Centennial girls’ varsity softball team stepped up to the plate for an in-house scrimmage.

The allied team was off to a great start with five runs in the first inning. Michael Clark ran from second base to home plate off a solid hit by Dominic Roybal, scoring the first run of the game. Roybal and Michael McCarthy were both on base when Orkun Unal hit a ball to the back wall, giving both a chance to run home. Both Unal and Jonathan Hanks had successful at-bats and were on base when Thompson Truong had a nice hit which brought both of them home.

Jordan Ciraolo, Sammy Kastner, and Tori Montanez were quickly retired by Matthew Na and Clark, ending the first inning with a score of 5-0.

Clark scored again in the second inning, making the score 6-0. At the bottom of the second inning, three players from the Centennial boys’ varsity team, Connor Clemens, Matt McShane and Robert Hunter, joined forces with the allied team. Despite a run scored by Caroline Strott of the girls’ team, the allied team didn’t back down. Clark was responsible for three outs at the plate off of throws from Hanks and Clemens, ending the second inning with a score of 6-1.

Michael Havlik, McCarthy and Clark each had amazing hits in the third and final inning, and Unal scored his second run. Montanez scored a second run for the girls off a hit by Kastner in the bottom of the third inning. That would be their final run. Both Strott and Ciraolo found themselves out at the hands of Havlik and Celina Jensen was thrown out at first base on a nice play between Clark and Havlik, ending the game with a score of 7-2.

Allied softball’s peer helpers, Sakena Redmond, Anna Crowe and Frankie Krzyzanowski, and coaches, Coach Frost, Ms. Seen, Mr. Young and Ms. Dodd, helped the team take this win.

Allied Softball’s next game will be Tuesday, April 18 at 3:00 at Glenelg.

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