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Allied Soccer Falls to Glenelg


Words: Meghan Moore

On Monday, October 17, 2016 the Centennial Allied Soccer team stepped on the field against the Glenelg Gladiators for their final home game.

In their final home game, senior players Dominic Roybal, Mike McCarthy, and Jonathan Hanks took charge of the field on both offense and defense. On the defensive end, Roybal and McCarthy were a dynamic duo. Roybal as the main defender, along with help from sophomore Ian Winters, and McCarthy as the goalie, stonewalling Glenelg’s goal attempts.

On offense, Hanks and junior Yousef Tuni were catalysts for moving the ball up the field and getting the ball into position for Hanks to score. Roybal and Tuni also had a successful offensive strike, scoring 2 goals each.

A well-fought game, the Eagles lost to Glenelg 7-6. It was a hard played and successful season for the Allied Soccer team.

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