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Boys’ Basketball Falls to Wilde Lake in 3A Playoffs

Words: Zach Grable

On Thursday, March 2, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team faced the Wilde Lake Wildecats for the third round of the 3A Playoffs.

The game started off very even with both teams playing to win. Though Centennial’s start was promising, Wilde Lake quickly took the lead and pulled away. Wilde Lake won the first quarter, 18-8.

The Eagles were down in second quarter, though they closed in on Wilde Lake. Junior Hayden Ford greatly impacted the comeback with outstanding rebounding and offensive plays. Down by five at halftime, the Eagles played, hoping to take the lead. 

In the third quarter, the Eagles came out hard. Senior Elijah White helped Centennial further close the gap between the teams  The fans roared, the players got excited, and everyone got on their feet as the Eagles showed their intensity. Still down three with five minutes left, the Eagles needed some quick points and stops to get a lead. At the end of the third quarter, the Wildecats led, 35-32.

The beginning of the fourth quarter was quiet on the boards as neither team could put in any shots. However, this changed very quickly when junior Andrew Hohmann got an and-one, hyping up the crowd. Unfortunately, Wilde Lake answered with a quick three followed by a lay-up. This silenced the fans for a short time, but yet another and-one, this time by White, pumped up the fans.

With 1:41 left in the game, the Wildecats coach called a timeout. Centennial was down three with 46.8 seconds left. Wilde Lake knocked down their free throws to put them up by five. With 16 seconds left, the Eagles were down six. A lay-up by Hohmann put the Eagles down by four with 11 seconds left.

The Eagles were unable to close the gap, and Wilde Lake won the game, 48-43.

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Boys’ Basketball Moves on to Third Round of Playoffs

Words: Zach Grable

On Tuesday, February 28, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team played the Long Reach Lightning in the second round of the 3A Playoffs.

Long Reach had a 9-0 lead in the first 5 minutes of the game. They were out scoring, out rebounding, and out hustling the Eagles. Centennial made a few adjustments to the lineup and subbed in junior Hayden Ford, who brought energy and intensity to the team. Centennial slowly began to come back but it wasn’t enough to get ahead by the end of the first quarter, and the Eagles trailed 19-7.

Though the Eagles closed the gap they were unable to take the lead from the Lightning. Senior Elijah White and junior Sean Taylor both helped the Eagles on the scoreboard and the defense slowed down Long Reach. The score of the second quarter was 29-21, with Centennial behind.

Coach Chad Hollwedel and the players electrified the Centennial fans as the team took its first lead of the game in the third quarter. The Eagles offense was fast-paced and menacing. Long Reach answered, but it was no match for the Eagles intensity. With just 5 minutes left in the game, Centennial led by one.

With Centennial up by four with two minutes left, the Lightning began to foul. Centennial went to the free throw line and knocked down the easy points. Long Reach had a bucket, and stole the ball back the following play. However, the Lightning lost the ball and any chance of tying the game. The Eagles won 61-57.

The Eagles play Wilde Lake on Thursday, March 2, for the third round of the 3A playoffs.

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Boys’ Basketball Defeats Mt. Hebron in First Round of Playoffs

Words: Zach Grable
Photos: Shalini Malhotra

On Friday, February 24, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team played their biggest rival, the Mount Hebron Vikings, for the first round of the 3A State Playoffs.

More than an hour before the game, the Centennial student section was completely filled in anticipation for the big game.

From tipoff to the final whistle, the Eagles kept a lead. The first quarter was electrified by the energy of both teams’ fans. Centennial’s transition offense and physical defense was no match for Hebron’s play. By the end of the first quarter, the Eagles were up 17-9.

In the second quarter, Centennial still had a lead, but Hebron was closing in. By the end of the quarter, Centennial was ahead, 27-21.

The Eagles came out with more intensity than ever before in the second half. Clutch offensive plays by senior Elijah White and great defensive plays by junior Andrew Hohmann kept the Eagles ahead. Also, a dunk by junior Hayden Ford impressed the spectators and further increased the Eagles’ energy. By the end of the third quarter the score was 42-26. In the final quarter, the Eagles’ win was sealed.

Centennial will play Long Reach High School on Tuesday, February 28, for the second round of the playoffs.


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Boys’ Basketball Wins Big on Senior Night

Words: Kieran Senisi

Photos: Zach Grable

On February 15, the Centennial Boys’ Basketball team had their Senior Night against the Reservoir Gators.  

Seniors Alex Fant, Stevie Sedlacko, Elijah White, and team manager, Lindsay Horen, were all recognized before the game.  

Both teams played a competitive game and neither could get a substantial lead. The game came down to the wire when Centennial was winning 59-56 and Reservoir hit a three pointer to tie the game up with ten seconds left on the clock.

Junior Andrew Hohmann then scored a three pointer for Centennial to win the game 62-59.

With this win Centennial remains at the top in the county rankings, and will play against Howard on Friday, February 17, for the last game of the regular season.

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Boys’ Basketball Falls to Wilde Lake

Words: Zach Grable

On Friday, February 3, the Centennial Boys’ Varsity Basketball team hosted the Wilde Lake Wildecats. This was an important game for both teams because it determined who would be ahead in the county standings.

The first quarter was even and neither team was able to take a significant lead. Senior Stevie Sedlacko and junior Andrew Hohmann were leaders on the defensive end while senior Elijah White and junior Kaleb Addisu dominated offensively.

The second quarter was similar with each team only gaining a marginal lead. Centennial and Wilde Lake scored almost every possession which kept the first half very close. By the end of it the score was 20-23, with the Wildecats on top.       

By the third quarter, Wilde Lake had pulled away just enough for Centennial coach Chad Hollwedel to call a timeout to slow things down. The Wildecats had come out of the half with more intensity and a desire to win.

Even though Centennial was able to close the gap towards the end, they did not have enough time to gain a lead. The Eagles lost 51-55.
Centennial’s next game is against rival Mount Hebron on Tuesday, February 7 at Mt. Hebron.

Boys’ Basketball Defeats Atholton in Season Opener

Words: Zach Grable

On Wednesday, December 7, the Centennial Eagles Boys’ Varsity Basketball team hosted Atholton High School for the 2016-17 season opener.

The gymnasium roared as the starting five on Centennial stormed the court. Fans were screaming and jumping as the referee threw the ball in the air for the first tipoff of the season.

The Eagles’ student section quickly died down as the Raiders scored 12 straight points. After a timeout was called by head coach Chad Hollwedel, Centennial got back into the game. As they started scoring more and more points, the fans got on their feet again. The home-court advantage pressured Atholton into making multiple turnovers throughout the second quarter. Clutch plays by senior Elijah White and juniors Andrew Hohmann and Kaleb Addisu contributed the most to the Eagle’s lead.

Throughout the third quarter, Centennial controlled the game. Atholton shortened the Eagle’s lead by a little, but a fast-break dunk by White made the gym shake. Centennial students and parents were going crazy as White celebrated with his teammates. This was a big turning point in the game as the Eagles maintained their momentum.

Centennial held on to win the game 60-55.

The team’s next game is against rival Mt. Hebron on December 14, at home.

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Football Senior Night

Words: Parker Subasic

On September 4, the Varsity Football team played their last game of the season against the Glenelg Gladiators.

All seniors were honored and walked across the field with their families.

Seniors Matt Shoenberger, Michael Klein, Mason Smith, Khai Walker, Elijah White, Jun Lee, Eli Ross, Emmanuel Carmicheal, Owen Marcinek, David Uribe, Kayode Fatodu, Hadi Malik, Elijah Scott, and Justin Homassel were all honored as players along with managers Stephen Cagas and Fraser Scott.

Sadly, on the Eagles lost 42-12 in the last game of the season.

Junior running back Corey Eudell came out strong in the first quarter and rushed for touchdown to really set the tone on offense. However there was drought for scoring until senior Elijah White returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

The team finished with a 1-9 record an improvement from the previous two years.

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