Centennial’s Hello Dolly!

April 2, 2017

Words: Zach Grossman Centennial’s production of Hello Dolly! began on Thursday, March 23, and continued until Sunday, March 26. In this year’s play, many returning faces were seen on stage, as well as many new actors and actresses. Hello Dolly! is about a matchmaker named Dolly Levi, played by se...

Chinese Students Visit Centennial

February 6, 2017

Words: Minnie Gregorini On February 2, 16 Students from Beijing #2 High School entered Centennial to experience the different culture. Many of them had expectations and desires for the things they would do while in the United States such as seeing basketball games, going laser tagging, visiting specifi...

Puerto Rican Band Visits Centennial

Puerto Rican Band Visits Centennial

November 15, 2016

Words: Minnie Gregorini Photos: Sabrina Han On Monday, November 14, Los Pleneros de la 21, a musical group from New York, visited Centennial. The group travels to different cities, promoting Puerto Rican culture and presenting the history of the nation’s music that includes influences from other...

Beijing Students Visit Centennial

Photos Provided by The Wingspan Staff

October 4, 2016

Words: Minnie Gregorini On Friday, September 30, around 60 students from Beijing High School #101 visited Centennial from 9-11:30 in the morning. The students were a part of an orchestra program and came to observe the workings of our own orchestra class. The 60 students went to third period classes with m...

The Drowsy Chaperone

March 21, 2016

Words: Diana Cagas This weekend was a big moment for Centennial's theatre program. On March 17-20, the school's auditorium was illuminated with colorful beams of light and the stage was decorated with amazing set designs as the theatre department performed The Drowsy Chaperone. Centennial theatre does an e...

Two Separate Languages, One Common Heart

Two Separate Languages, One Common Heart

February 12, 2015

Words: Minnie Gregorini Photos: Izzie Chausse, Shalini Malhotra, and Minnie Gregorini On Feb. 9, 16 Chinese students walked through the door to Centennial High School and set foot into a whole new world rich with very unique cultures. 25 students from Tianjin 25th Middle School came to America with ...

Photos from Centennial’s First Hour of Code

Photos from Centennial's First Hour of Code

December 9, 2014

Words and Photo: Anna Mitchell Neal Patel plays Code Combat in Mrs. Norris' second period TV class. Words: Giana Han Photos: Minnie Gregorini Warren Zhang, Christopher Savage, and Ryan Sorak engage in an activity that demonstrates coding uses during Mr. Pauller's class.       ...

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