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Sharing the Parking Lot

Kyle Simpson, Ravens Corespondent

Baltimore, MD – We all learned in kindergarten to share what we have. But for some reason, the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles are caught in a custody battle for the parking lot on September 5th. The Ravens are set to host the first game of the season that night, and the Orioles are to host the Chicago White Sox that day too.

Let the debate begin. Technically, the Orioles schedule was created and solidified first, so they have the priority use for the parking lot. So what are they to do?

They could move the Ravens game to Wednesday the 4th, if the NFL had not already said they would not play that day because it is Rosh Hashanah (more on that later). So instead the Orioles could play earlier and the Ravens could move their game back to 9 PM (as a season ticket holder, that is a less than ideal time), however the Orioles have an away night game on September 4th. And they do not want to play two games in such small time frame. The NFL says that if a compromise is not reached, then they will have to move the Ravens to a road game to start the season.

Now that might be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You have to play away that night? Really? Have they even considered moving the Ravens to Sunday night? Granted, they would not be the VERY first game of the season, but they could have their home and season opener AT HOME. That is more important to me as a fan than playing first (even though they deserve that too). And I understand that there are television contracts involved, but really? Rodger Goodell is risking sending Baltimore into revolt if they do not open at home. And the whole “we cannot play on Rosh Hashanah” is ridiculous. Not to sound mean, but the NFL has played on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve before and play on Thanksgiving every year. They have even played on Rosh Hashanah before, so what is the big deal this year? The NFL and MLB need to figure it out. Soon. Baltimore is very uneasy.

We’ll see what ends up happening, but be prepared to watch the season opener being held somewhere else.

Reserved Spaces (Zack Newman)

A portion of the Centennial parking lot has been marked as “reserved”
within the past two weeks, a new addition that has not been a part of
the parking lot since last

22 spaces, out of an available 395, are sectioned off on the side of
the school closest to the gym and dance studio.

According to Assistant Principals Kevin Dorsey and Pamela West, there
has always been a “reserved” section of the parking lot, but since the
parking lot was redone last year, there was not an opportunity to
remark the necessary spaces until this year.

West pointed out that despite this slight intrusion onto what is
generally student parking, there are still plenty of available spaces.

She also reported that the section is designed to provide the athletic
director, Jean Vanderpool, as well as physical education, theatre and
dance teachers with an area to park close to where their classrooms
are located.

Students will be towed if they blatantly ignore multiple warnings from
Security Guard Mike Guizzotti, reported West.