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Reserved Spaces (Zack Newman)

A portion of the Centennial parking lot has been marked as “reserved”
within the past two weeks, a new addition that has not been a part of
the parking lot since last

22 spaces, out of an available 395, are sectioned off on the side of
the school closest to the gym and dance studio.

According to Assistant Principals Kevin Dorsey and Pamela West, there
has always been a “reserved” section of the parking lot, but since the
parking lot was redone last year, there was not an opportunity to
remark the necessary spaces until this year.

West pointed out that despite this slight intrusion onto what is
generally student parking, there are still plenty of available spaces.

She also reported that the section is designed to provide the athletic
director, Jean Vanderpool, as well as physical education, theatre and
dance teachers with an area to park close to where their classrooms
are located.

Students will be towed if they blatantly ignore multiple warnings from
Security Guard Mike Guizzotti, reported West.

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