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One-on-One with Editor-in-Chief: Piper Berry 2019-20

Video by: Julia Stitely

As the year comes to a close, Delanie Tucker, the next Editor-in-Chief of the Wingspan, interviews Piper Berry over Zoom about her experience as Editor-in-Chief during the 2019-20 school year.

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Centennial’s Science National Honor Society is Hosting Their Fourth Annual RISE Conference

Words: Piper Berry

Centennial High School’s Science National Honor Society is hosting their fourth annual Research In Science and Engineering (RISE) Conference on Wednesday, March 11, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm throughout the school. 

The goal of the conference is to educate and inspire high school and middle school students who are interested in STEM and provide them with the opportunity to hear from professionals in STEM careers, as well as explore internship opportunities and network in the community. 

This year’s keynote speaker is Christopher Berry, president and founder of Visionist, Inc., a Howard County-based firm providing custom software solutions and data analysis services to the United States Intelligence Community. He will be discussing his career path in the Intelligence Community and how to successfully navigate a STEM career. 

“I am thrilled to be the keynote speaker at this year’s RISE conference. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with students and parents last year at the workshop sessions. The high level of interest and enthusiasm among the CHS STEM community is uplifting. I’m happy to contribute by sharing my experience and offering advice on how to be successful in a STEM career,” said Berry.

Additional speakers include Visionist, Inc. senior software engineer Dan Johnson, University of Maryland Baltimore County professor Jeff Leips, Bowie State University professor Chaobin Liu, University of Maryland Medical Center chief of vascular surgery Dr. Rajabrata Sarkar, NTSB chief of major investigations Joe Sedor, Johns Hopkins associate professor and researcher Dr. Ramana Sidhaye, and University of Maryland School of Medicine adjunct professor Dr. Lydia Temoshok.

Each speaker will give two 30-minute workshops, and between the workshops there will be a gallery walk in the cafeteria while food is provided. The gallery walk will feature many of Centennial’s STEM clubs as well as Intern/Mentor STEM students presenting their research. 

Senior Nadine Mesiter is one of many students preparing to share their research at the event. “It’s really exciting to present and share something that I’ve put so much time into. Presenting to other individuals who are genuinely interested in work that you’ve done is really rewarding, and I’m glad that RISE gives me the opportunity to do so,” explains Meister.

The link to register and choose workshops can be found at https://chsrise.wixsite.com/rise as well as more information about the conference. 


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One-on-One With Editor-in-Chief: Maddie Wirebach 2018-19

Words: Julia Stitely

In this video, Maddie Wirebach, Wingspan’s Editor-in-Chief for 2018-19, is interviewed by her successor, Piper Berry, about her passion for journalism and what it took to become Editor-in-Chief.

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Centennial’s STEM Successes Recognized at Celebration of Excellence

Words: Maggie Ju / Photos: Piper Berry

The Celebration of Excellence for Intern-Mentor and Independent Research students was held on Wednesday, May 2, in the Centennial cafeteria. Complex, intriguing projects that showcased the accomplishments of Centennial students were displayed.

This is the last year of teaching for Ms. Michelle Bagley, the supervisor for the two G/T programs. Students presented her with flowers and personalized notes.

“I treat each one of them as unique individuals,” said Ms. Bagley. “It was wonderful to hear them speak about my impact on their lives.”

Throughout the programs, many students participated in various science competitions, and their successes throughout the year were acknowledged at the celebration.

In the Regeneron Science Talent Search, a prestigious national STEM competition, three Centennial seniors received awards: finalist Chy Murali and semifinalists Katie Gao and Swadhin Nalubola.

“In layman’s terms, I look for patterns in datasets and try to predict a gene’s significance on different types of cancer,” Gao said. She intends to explore biomedical research beyond her undergraduate years.

Despite “talent” being in the name of the competition, Gao does not view the key to success as such. She said, “It doesn’t take some unattainable magical quality to do good research. What you do need, however, is a nurturing mentor, lots of hard work, and a little luck.”

Nicole Meister, another high-achieving senior, is no stranger to recognition for her scientific achievements. Recently, she was a finalist in the Maryland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.

My project was focused on improving the accuracy of a neural network that could classify features in X-ray scattering images,” she said. “I’m passionate about computer science and research because I feel I can make a difference with my work and improve the lives of others.”

Of all the opinions of the night, none were as important as Ms. Bagley’s. Thirty-eight years of fostering bright minds culminated in the last celebration of her students’ hard work.

“The evening was wonderful,” she declared.

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Centennial Welcomes Mrs. Rice

Words: Piper Berry

Centennial would like to welcome Mrs. Rice, the newest addition to the science department.

Where did you go to college?

“My undergraduate college was the United States Naval Academy and I graduated from there in 2000 with a degree in Ocean Engineering. I went to Johns Hopkins University for my masters in civil engineering. I’ve also attended University of Maryland University College for my MBA.”

Where did you work before you came to Centennial?

“I am in the Navy so I was working as an instructor down at the Naval Academy as part of active duty.”

What do you think of Centennial so far?

“I think it’s great! I love that the students like to ask a lot of questions because it makes for a nice, interactive environment.”

What is your teaching style?

“I prefer students to have a lot of hands-on projects so that they are doing more inquiry-based learning. I think that it’s important for students to take responsibility over their own learning so I like to give them the tools and let them come up with the solutions on their own.”

What is one unique trait that you have that you are bringing to Centennial?

“I think with my unique military background I can definitely help a lot of students, not just in chemistry or forensics, but also help them as they are trying to make career decisions.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to your students?

“Don’t be afraid to be unique. I love ideas that come from students so I would encourage students to have confidence in their ideas because you never know where they could lead.”

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Centennial’s She’s the First Club

Words: Piper Berry

The She’s the First Club is very excited for their third year at Centennial. The purpose of the club is to raise money for girls’ education around the world. They are currently supporting the educations of Roopa in India, Kimberly in Guatemala, and Jayanthi in India.

Senior Caroline Chu, the club president, believes that “everyone deserves a shot at an education, regardless of gender.”

The club plans to sell lemonade and other drinks at the Homecoming Carnival and has plans this year for Zumbathons, bake sales, an Ice Cream Social, and much more!

The first Zumbathon will be on October 19, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

She’s the First Club typically meets on the first Tuesday of every month and the second, third, and fourth Monday of every month after school in Ms. McKinnon’s room, Room 904. Come check it out!

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