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Centennial Welcomes Mrs. Rice


Words: Piper Berry

Centennial would like to welcome Mrs. Rice, the newest addition to the science department.

Where did you go to college?

“My undergraduate college was the United States Naval Academy and I graduated from there in 2000 with a degree in Ocean Engineering. I went to Johns Hopkins University for my masters in civil engineering. I’ve also attended University of Maryland University College for my MBA.”

Where did you work before you came to Centennial?

“I am in the Navy so I was working as an instructor down at the Naval Academy as part of active duty.”

What do you think of Centennial so far?

“I think it’s great! I love that the students like to ask a lot of questions because it makes for a nice, interactive environment.”

What is your teaching style?

“I prefer students to have a lot of hands-on projects so that they are doing more inquiry-based learning. I think that it’s important for students to take responsibility over their own learning so I like to give them the tools and let them come up with the solutions on their own.”

What is one unique trait that you have that you are bringing to Centennial?

“I think with my unique military background I can definitely help a lot of students, not just in chemistry or forensics, but also help them as they are trying to make career decisions.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to your students?

“Don’t be afraid to be unique. I love ideas that come from students so I would encourage students to have confidence in their ideas because you never know where they could lead.”

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