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Centennial vs. Homewood Game

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Shalini Malhotra and Zach Grable

Centennial hosted Homewood for the annual Centennial vs. Homewood game on Wednesday, March 22. Centennial’s team was made of up students from the Sports for Life classes. Eighteen Centennial students played: Shawn Atmar, John Bossom, Drew Burk, Stephen Cagas, Floyd Collier, Sean Cooley, Paul Drutch, Hamzah Elhabashy, Hudson Graves, Nick Haskins, Zane Haug, Justin Homassel, Alex Kartak, Andy Lee, Ammar Narmouq, Michael Pellegrini, Eli Ross, and Kevin Woo. The team was coached by Corey Eudell, Shawn Hill, Andrew Hohmann, Michael Kefyalew, and Sean Taylor.

Homewood quickly took the lead in the opening play of the game and continued to put points on the board. Centennial responded with strong passes and teamwork but was unable to take the lead. Centennial trailed 13-10 at the end of the first quarter.

During the second quarter, Collier started the Eagles off with a basket while Pellegrini and Burk also helped close the gap between the teams. Despite their best efforts, Centennial went into the locker room behind 23-17 at the half.

During halftime, Matthew Na energized the crowd with his halftime dance party. Centennial fed off this energy and was able to take the lead in the third quarter after Graves hit two foul shots. Homewood quickly responded with a three point shot and once again took the lead. The Eagles fought back, with Narmouq, Pellegrini, and Haug putting points on the scoreboard, but Homewood made impressive three point shots to keep them ahead. Centennial went into the fourth quarter behind 37-31.

The Eagles came out hard in the fourth quarter with Burk putting up two, Graves with four, and Haug with seven. However, the crowd agreed with emcees Meg Thompson and Rachel Mathew about Centennial’s lack of defense, and Homewood continued to score relentlessly.

Centennial ultimately fell to Homewood, 55-46. After the game, the teams participated in a dunking competition and a three-point contest where Centennial won the former and Homewood the latter.


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Volleyball Moves onto Sectional Finals

Words: Zach Grable

On Monday, November 7, the Centennial Eagles Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team took on the Wilde Lake Wildecats for the second round of playoffs.

The Wildecats were no match for the Eagles’ fierce defending, led by seniors Gabby Fairley and Camryn Allen, and aggressive attacking, led by senior Rachel Mathew. Centennial was ahead for all of the first set and secured the first set, 25-17.

Clutch plays by Allen and sophomore Camila Cavero helped keep the Eagles up in the second set as well. Wilde Lake put little pressure on Centennial as the second set turned out to be another unchallenging win, 25-16.

The Eagles sealed the win by winning the third set, 25-16. They outmatched the Wildecats both offensively and defensively.

The Eagles will be facing off against their biggest rival, Mount Hebron, on Wednesday, November 9, for the Sectional Finals.

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Volleyball Senior Night

Words: Kieran Senisi

On Tuesday October 25,  Centennial High School Volleyball took on the Long Reach Lightning for their Senior Night game.  

The Eagles had a dominating game, winning in three sets. What made this night even more special was the fact that it was Centennial’s Senior Night.  The seniors honored were Camryn Allen, Anna Chan, Gabby Fairley, Sabrina Han, and Rachel Mathew. Each senior walked out with their families while the rest of the team read speeches to them thanking them for their dedication to the team.

The Eagles will play at Howard for the last game of the season.

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Volleyball Defeats Oakland Mills

Words: Parker Subasic

On October 13, Centennial Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team took on the Oakland Mills Scorpions at Oakland Mills.

The team came out strong and ready to play winning the first set 25-12. The Eagles swept the Scorpions in three sets out of five.

Junior Emily Pryzbyla set up her teammates racking up an astonishing 15 assists. Senior Rachel Mathew destroyed the Scorpions defense with a strong 7 kills. The Lady Eagles defense did not allow Oakland Mills to score more than 15 points in a set.

The next Volleyball game is on Tuesday, October 18, against Glenelg.

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Summer to Fall

Words: Caroline Chu

Fall started September 22, bringing an end to a long, humid summer. Many of summer’s characteristics will be missed, but fall also has its own merits.

Rachel Mathew, a senior, will miss the carefree days of summer, or “not being busy,” but looks forward to a plethora of fall colors and wearing cozy sweatpants.

Sophomore Alex Kim and freshman Zyler Powers will miss the basics: a lack of schoolwork and being able to sleep in.

The beach is a magical place for many people, oftentimes visited during the summer months. Senior Sean Voight, sophomores Ximena Diaz and Veronica Cagle enjoyed going to the beach over the summer, which they will miss this fall.

Centennial students don’t solely share experiences they will miss. Mathew, Diaz, and Cagle are all eager for crisp air of fall weather.

Lastly, fall marks the start of many sports seasons, and Voight looks forward to the Major League Baseball playoffs.

Although students might long for summer to reappear, they also look forward to what’s in store with the changing of the seasons.

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Volleyball Defeats Hebron in 3A Playoffs

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Photos: Izzie Chausse

On Monday, November 9, Centennial Volleyball conquered Mt. Hebron in the second round of playoffs.

In the first set, the Vikings came out strong, and the Eagles were quickly down 4-7.  As the set progressed, the Eagles were able to come back and win off of a kill from junior Rachel Mathew.

Entering the second set, the Eagles capitalized on their lead and defeated the Vikings 25-19 off of a kill from junior Gabby Fairley.

The Eagles were up two sets to none, and had a lot of momentum in the third set. The Eagles impressed the crowd by winning the third and final set 25-11 when senior Emily Allen nailed the ball onto the Hebron side.

The Eagles will take on River Hill on Wednesday, November 11.

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