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Summer to Fall

Words: Caroline Chu

Fall started September 22, bringing an end to a long, humid summer. Many of summer’s characteristics will be missed, but fall also has its own merits.

Rachel Mathew, a senior, will miss the carefree days of summer, or “not being busy,” but looks forward to a plethora of fall colors and wearing cozy sweatpants.

Sophomore Alex Kim and freshman Zyler Powers will miss the basics: a lack of schoolwork and being able to sleep in.

The beach is a magical place for many people, oftentimes visited during the summer months. Senior Sean Voight, sophomores Ximena Diaz and Veronica Cagle enjoyed going to the beach over the summer, which they will miss this fall.

Centennial students don’t solely share experiences they will miss. Mathew, Diaz, and Cagle are all eager for crisp air of fall weather.

Lastly, fall marks the start of many sports seasons, and Voight looks forward to the Major League Baseball playoffs.

Although students might long for summer to reappear, they also look forward to what’s in store with the changing of the seasons.

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