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Pre-Medicine Club Hosts Annual Medical Seminar

Words and photos: Reem Hashmi

This past Saturday, March 17, 2018, Centennial’s Pre-Medicine Club hosted their second annual medical seminar.

The group works hard each year to provide an enriching experience for all Howard County high school students interested in the field of medicine by inviting doctors to be guest speakers.

The revered guest speakers included: Dr. Kavita Hegde (Associate Professor of Biology at Coppin State University), Dr. Judy Huang (Neurosurgeon at John Hopkins), Dr. Nader Hanna (Professor of Surgery at the UMD School of Medicine), Dr. Carla Easter (Chief, Education and Community Involvement Branch; National Human Genome Research Institute).

Each speaker showcased their research and medical journey with presentations in order to educate the students. Many attended with family and friends for the sole purpose to be informed and to ask the speakers questions on their experience.

Co-President Deanna Yi said, “We are always aiming to provide a welcoming and nourishing environment as we hope to help other students start their path on the pre-medicine track! We had another successful seminar this year thanks to our members and the board: Supraja Kanipakam, Co-President; Danny Hemani Vice President; Christopher Chen, Event Coordinator; Jocelyn Mathew, Fundraiser; Mallika Kadabha, Secretary; and Reem Hashmi, Member at Large.”

In addition to the guest speakers, Mathew arranged an AP book sale, selling gently used or new books for the proceeds to go to the Prem Sewa organization, which helps underprivileged children.

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Trump’s Impact on Future Voters

Words: Reem Hashmi

It’s been exactly a year since President Donald Trump won the presidential election. This past year, I have been actively listening to NPR and watching various news channels about the election and all the political pandemonium. Throughout all the chaos of different accusations and investigations and conspiracies, I have paid attention the most to our president’s tweeting habits. On Twitter, I have noticed not only within the last year, but since 2014, Trump has typed rather noteworthy tweets.

Back when former President Barack Obama was in office, Trump audaciously tweeted, “Obama is, without question, the WORST EVER president. I predict he will now do something really bad and totally stupid to show manhood!” (8:07 PM – Jun 5, 2014), portraying Obama as a cynical character. This past June, Trump continued his brash tweeting habits explaining his personal view on the international travel ban. Trump tweeted, “The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C.” (3:29 AM – 5 Jun 2017). Considering this deliberate undermining of his own administration, Trump has certainly impacted my decision making as a future voter in 2020.

When the next presidential election comes around in 2020, I will be 18 and eligible to vote. Being a new voter I must be prepared in my decision making. Although President Trump has sparked much controversy not only among the people of the United States but also the people of the world, he has opened my eyes to the reality of what goes on in our government.  As I am continuously gaining exposure to the realm of political science and governmental affairs, I know I will be ready to make my vote count in 2020.

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Centennial’s Speech and Debate Club

Words: Reem Hashmi

The Centennial Speech and Debate Club is the place to be if you enjoy participating in group discussions, love an argument, thrive on controversy, or just need a place to voice your opinion. This club splits into two separate groups: speech and debate. The creatively driven speech group focuses more on humorous interpretations, poetry and prose, and original oratory, whereas the debate group is research-centered and analytical. Meetings are held every Wednesday in Room 412 sponsored by Ms. Flynn. The club’s team will be participating at local speech and debate tournaments at the following locations/times:

  Tournament 1 – 10/21 at Marriotts Ridge High School

  Tournament 2 – 11/11 at Loyola-Blakefield School

  Tournament 3 – 11/18 at Arundel High School

The public forum debate-style competition, is known for analyzing resolutions that are “ripped from the headlines.” Their current debatable topic is centered on whether the deployment of anti-missile systems is beneficial for South Korea. Co-President Katie Gao said, “We started the team as sophomores, so it’s been going three years strong… Being good at public speaking is not required, after all; that’s what we’re here for.  We’re also hoping to host our own tournament at Centennial this January, which would be a great experience.”

The Speech and Debate Club Co-Presidents are Katie Gao and Polly Moser, Vice President is Amber Fang, and Secretary is Kristen Lee.

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