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The Wingspan

What is Leandro Conti’s real job at Centennial?

Ryan Brown February 7, 2024

Leandro Conti is known for many things around Centennial High School— teaching is not one of those things. At least that’s the impression most, if not all, students who know the young staff member...

Image via FanNation and CU Buffs

Primetime’s return to the spotlight

Ryan Brown October 2, 2023

For 14 seasons Deion Sanders locked down receivers with ease, taunting opposing quarterbacks to throw his direction. Along with his skill on the field, he consistently managed to charm the league with...

Image via Sports Illustrated

Tua is back, rough week for other young QB’s: NFL Week 1 Review

Ryan Brown and Jackson Palich September 19, 2023

The greatest weekend of the year has officially passed, and whether your team won or lost, we can all appreciate that the Chiefs lost and NFL football will be on every week for the next five months. As...

Junior pitcher Zachary Zippy Harris

No shame at the Nest

Ryan Brown May 30, 2023

It’s never easy to walk off the field knowing it’s the final time. You only get four years to play high school sports, and the seasons always fly by. Although winning titles for your school is a goal...

Cade Ahern (left) and Carter Watson (right) in frame

Centennial baseball’s senior sendoff

Ryan Brown May 7, 2023

High school athletes patiently wait four years for the moment they’re called out on senior night. Although short, it’s an emotional experience that players will never forget, but the walkout is only...

Matt Toth (left), Quinn Ahearn (center), and  Ty Beck-Winter (right) moments after winning the tournament.

Team Sandler vs The OG’s: Zaching Against Cancer 3v3 basketball tournament

Jackson Palich and Ryan Brown April 1, 2023

On March 29, the final of the Zaching Against Cancer 3v3 Tournament occurred during Eagle Time, with Team Sandler defeating The OGs. The month-long tournament played bracket-style, had 22 teams face...

The Last of Us: An intense television adaptation of the acclaimed video game

Ryan Brown March 29, 2023

Too many people don’t understand the potential that video games have for the film industry. Even for those who don’t play many games, this form of media could open the door to success for many directors....

Collapse of the commercials

Ryan Brown February 24, 2023

This year we had the privilege of listening to two insufferable fanbases, the Chiefs and Eagles, for two weeks before cleats touched the field. Fans drank themselves to sleep before Chris Stapleton even...

Solving Santos

Solving Santos

Ryan Brown February 9, 2023

His name is George Anthony Devolder Santos, he is 34 years old and was born in New York, but that’s about all we know. With so little information regarding his past, it’s reasonable that no one would...

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