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A Night of Jazz on Centennial’s Center Stage

Words & Photos: Thomas Hitt

On Wednesday, January 16, Centennial High School hosted a Jazz Feeder Concert featuring performances from Northfield and Centennial Lane Elementary schools, Burleigh Manor Middle School and Centennial High School.

The Jazz Feeder Concert has taken place every year for the past four years with the same schools being in attendance each year.

Centennial Lane’s jazz band took the stage first. They ended their performance with a familiar groovy tune that everyone enjoyed, Louie, Louie.

Northfield Elementary school’s jazz band, under the direction of Timothy Beall, played second. They played a program of songs, one of which was The Funky Monkey.

Burleigh Manor Middle School had two jazz bands that were showcased at this event.

Burleigh’s first jazz band performed three songs in total, Cute, a soft gentle piece, Topsy, a swing song, and lastly, She Loves You by The Beatles. Burleigh’s second jazz band played more advanced pieces, including Autumn Leaves.

Centennial High School’s jazz band concluded the night by playing three songs. They played Magic Flea, A Time of Love, featuring a delicate trombone solo, and Caravan, a loud and energetic selection. By the end of the performance, everyone was on their feet clapping.

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Rolling Out of Bed and Showing up to Class

Words: Thomas Hitt

Photos: Adithi Soogoor

With one week until winter break, Centennial kicks off their Spirit Week with Pajama Day. From pajamas to robes, and slippers to onesies, students came to school in their comfiest PJs.

Tomorrow’s spirit day is Season Switch Day. Participating students will dress up as if they were in a different season.

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Centennial Hosts a Successful Winter Band Concert

Words:Thomas Hitt

Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

On December 10, Centennial hosted their annual Winter Band Concert, featuring Percussion Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Winds and the Wind Ensemble.

The Percussion Ensemble opened the night with two song selections. The first was an Overture for Percussion and the second was Diablo, a gentle and delicate piece.

The Symphonic Band took the stage next, playing four song selections. The ensemble’s first song was Bravura, followed by Fall River Overture, then two movements of Three Ayres from Gloucester.

They finished with Carol of the Bells, a popular Christmas song.

The Symphonic Winds entertained the audience later with The Barber of Seville Overture, followed by Puszta and Sleigh Ride.

The Wind Ensemble closed the concert with two upbeat selections.

They performed fewer songs for the winter concert since they will be performing a larger selection at a concert called Tutti: Prelude to The Midwest Clinic.

The concert will be held at Peabody’s Friedberg Concert Hall this Thursday, December 13.

A continuation of the winter concerts was held on December 11, featuring Centennial’s orchestras and continues on December 12, featuring Centennial’s choirs.

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Boys JV Basketball Preview

Words: Thomas Hitt

For the last two years, the Junior Varsity Boys’ basketball team has won a vast majority of their games.

In the 2016-17 season, the JV basketball team finished their season with a record of 18-2. During last year’s season, the JV team finished first in the league with a record of 19-1.

The JV team has seven new players this year, along with six returning members. The team carries a lot of experience into the upcoming season since the JV team has many returning sophomores.

Christian Sanders, the head coach of the boys JV basketball team, is excited to be a part of such a great team.

“We have had much success and feel that the basketball program has benefitted from a strong JV team year after year” said Sanders.

“We’ve been working as hard as possible to be the best team we can be,” said sophomore Bryson Baker.

“I want to push my teammates,” said Baker. He feels as though the county will be competitive this year, believing that Centennial is up for the challenge. “We want to be great, and go undefeated.”

Freshman Cameron Grable feels as though the JV team will be very successful this year.

“We have a deep team with a good combination of size, athleticism, and skill,” said Grable. “With a mixture of talent and excellent coaching, we won’t be surprised with an undefeated season.”

Baker holds high hopes as a captain for the Boys’ JV basketball team as he believes the JV team is great and can potentially have an undefeated season.

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Marching Band Season Concludes with Awards

Words: Thomas Hitt

Photos: Ellie Zoller-Gritz

The Centennial Marching Band concluded their season on October 29, by having an awards ceremony and potluck dinner.

While everyone finished eating, each section was called up one at a time to receive superlatives made by the section leaders of each section. From funny, to caring and most improved, all the superlatives were a great way to thank each student for their participation in a great marching band season.

After spending time eating, talking and receiving awards, the students moved to the auditorium where the seniors gave small, moving speeches about their experiences throughout their years of marching band.

After every senior had a chance to speak, all parents were invited into the auditorium to watch a slideshow of the marching band season with the students.

The slideshow included a collection of the highlights and best moments of marching band camp and memories throughout the season.

As it was an emotional time for seniors, it was also a joyous time for everyone as the marching band celebrated the season with a potluck dinner and fun awards.

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High School Band Day at The University of Maryland

Words & Photos: Thomas Hitt

On Saturday, October 27, the University of Maryland marching band, the Mighty Sound of Maryland, hosted a high school band day.

High school band day allowed high school band students to spend the day with the Maryland band and perform with them during halftime at the football game. Students from around the state participated in this event, including marching bands from Howard, Centennial and Long Reach High Schools.

These students shadowed the Maryland marching band for the whole day. They started out the day by participating in the game day rehearsal, where they followed behind the band. The high school musicians marched with the Mighty Sound of Maryland to the field. They also were able to play with the Maryland marching band during halftime, including the customary “5th quarter.”

Afterwards, the high school band students sat with the Maryland marching band and joined in for cheering and playing of pep tunes.

This event allowed high school band students to experience what it is like to be in the Mighty Sound of Maryland.

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Centennial Travels to Hammond for a Marching Band Showcase

Words: Thomas Hitt

On the night of Tuesday, October 23, Hammond High School hosted a marching band showcase featuring Wilde Lake, Howard, Hammond, Long Reach, Reservoir, and Centennial.

In past years, Centennial has hosted the marching band showcase. However, this year it took place at Hammond High School.

The marching bands performed according to size, the smallest playing first and the largest playing last. Centennial was the last band to perform for the night, due to the quantity of band members.

The performance started at around 7:00, however Centennial didn’t perform until 8:15.

The performances were extraordinary, showing a great array of talent among members of the marching bands.

After Centennial performed, a fun tradition continued as the drumline from Centennial, Long Reach, and Howard played several different chants and beats as band members gathered around to cheer and clap.

The showcase event was a great opportunity for several marching bands to come out and be supportive of the other groups. This event was also a good opportunity for the marching bands to see what others are performing at halftime shows for home football games.

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