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Volleyballs Falls Short in Sectional Finals

Words: Zach Grable

On Wednesday, November 9, the Centennial Eagles Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team played at Mount Hebron, where they played in the 3A Sectional Finals.

Being one of the biggest rivalries in the county, the game attracted many fans, and both sides were full.

In the first set, the crowd was extremely energetic, and following every point, the Hebron or Centennial side roared with excitement. Both teams were very skilled, which resulted in a very even first set. However, towards the middle of the set, the Eagles brought up their pace and began to gain a lead. Seniors Camryn Allen and Gabby Fairley shined as they aided Centennial through their first set victory. They scored multiple points which went unanswered by the Vikings. They kept this lead until the end, winning the first set 25-20.

During the second set, the Vikings played hard and quickly took the lead. Despite Centennial’s best efforts, they were not able to bounce back and lost 25-16.

The third set was similar to the first, with both teams battling for the lead. The crowd was chanting, screaming, and trying to get in the opposing team’s head as the Vikings and Eagles fought for the upper hand. Centennial gained the lead first, scoring three points in a row. Hebron quickly answered to put them ahead. Although Centennial’s defense was playing great, they could not hold the Vikings from scoring. The score was 21-17 before Centennial Coach Michael Bossom took a timeout to calm things down. However, the Vikings continued to score and won the third set, 25-21.

The series was 2-1, Herbon. The fourth set began with Hebron on top, with the Eagles close behind. As the Vikings gained a larger lead, Bossom was forced to take yet another timeout to strategize with his team.

The Eagles lost in a heartbreaking effort, 25-16. Centennial fought long and hard the entire season, but all great things must eventually come to an end.

The Eagles hope to have a good team next year with many of their young, yet experienced players.

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