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Zaching Against Cancer 3v3 Tournament

Words: Zach Grable

Wednesday, March 8, kicked off the annual 3v3 Zaching Against Cancer Basketball Tournament. Many teams signed up for this event and money was donated towards the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.

The three minute games were played during Eagle Time. A total of six games were played.  The first games were the Goofy Gooberz vs Ummm…I Don’t Know, the Manorey’s vs the Corey’s, and the Sauce Squad vs Feels Night. The winner included Ummm…I Don’t Know, the Corey’s, and Feels Night. These three teams moved onto the next round and played one more game.

Red Lyfe beat Ummm…I Don’t Know, Denied From Stanford beat the Corey’s, and Che’s Prospects lost to Feels Night. These teams will advance to the next round on Wednesday, March 15, during Eagle Time.

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