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Centennial’s Ultimate Frisbee Club

Words: Josh Horen

Sponsored by Mr. Piluk, a GT and AP Biology teacher, and headed by senior co-captains Jim Townsend, Jeffrey Smith, and Greg Costello, Centennial High School’s Ultimate Frisbee Club is returning for its second year.

The rules of Ultimate Frisbee are easy to learn. Both teams have seven people playing at once, but substitutions are made frequently. The game starts with one team “throwing off” to the other. The most important rule is that the person with the disc is not allowed to move. The disc is thrown from teammate to teammate until the team reaches the end zone. 

Each time a team makes it into the end zone, it gets one point. Defenders can try to stop the opposing team from scoring by swatting the disc down or intercepting the disc. Whichever team scores 14 points first wins.

Last year’s club was successful, but Townsend has bigger plans in mind for this year. “We are looking for new players who can build our team into something great.” 

Townsend would like for Centennial to compete in more tournaments and even host some this year. He also wants to see more girls in the club to create a more co-ed environment.

Meetings are held in Mr. Piluk’s room every Tuesday after school. Everybody is encouraged to join the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

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