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Centennial Welcomes Mr. Rahnama


Words: Jordyn Blanken

One new face in Centennial High School is Mr. Cameron Rahnama, the newest Assistant Principal. When I talked to Mr. Rahnama about what he brings to the school, I found him to be a very kind and compassionate person.

What school were you at before?

“I was an assistant principal at Marriotts Ridge for six years and at Glenelg for six years. Also an athletic director at Glenelg. I was a softball, football, and baseball coach for fifteen years. Then I was a P.E. teacher at Phelps Luck Elementary School.”

Do you have any goals for Centennial?

“Continue being one of the best schools in the state.”

What is one unique trait you have that you’re bringing to Centennial?

“I love kids and can relate to the well, and internal drive…Also having the satisfaction of seeing others succeed.”

How long have you been an administrator?

“I have been one for 13 years.”

How does it feel to be filling the shoes of another administrator?

“It’s never easy. You got to respect the position and mold with the students.”

What is one piece of advice for your students?

“Get the most out of it, get the most out of high school.”

What is one of your all time favorite quotes?

“Treat every day like a holiday; treat every meal like a banquet.”

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