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Centennial Welcomes Mrs. Khaksari


Words: Minah Mubasher

Irene Khaksari is a new guidance counselor this year at Centennial High School. She has been counseling for 13 years, and was inspired to get into counseling from personal experiences she had with educators when she was a student.

Prior to CHS, Khaksari worked for a school in New York City and then at Wilde Lake. She is an alumna of Loyola College. Although it can be hard to adjust to a new environment, Khaksari is handling it well, finding it “challenging but fun.”

Khaksari has many goals for Centennial such as meeting the needs of all of the students, no matter what classes or sports they are involved in. She would love for every student to be part of some extracurricular activity and invested in this school and education.

The custodial staff, Carole Sormanti, the leadership from the front office and the counseling team are among Khaksari’s favorite things about CHS.

“Centennial is a great place to be,” said Khaksari,“and I am excited for this opportunity to work with the CHS family.”

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