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Netflix’s Additions and Executions

Words: Julia Stitely

With the new year beginning, Netflix has announced their shows and movies coming to the streaming service this month and those leaving. It was a huge loss with many features being replaced by others.

A majority of the Batman movies, excluding Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, found a new home on the streaming service right as the ball dropped. Other movies that were added including the complete Godfather trilogy, The Bring it On films, and the Lethal Weapon series.

Throughout January, more TV shows are coming, such as the complete series of Episodes. Many Netflix original movies are premiering, like Before I Wake. Also their original shows are returning for a second season, for example, One Day at a Time.

Although there are awesome shows and movies being added, many didn’t make the new year cut. Grease and Chicago are dancing off. Some 80s and 90s classics like, E.T the Extra-Terrestrial, Gremlins, and Forrest Gump are leaving. The six seasons of Lost are gone by January 4th, and the popular teen comedy, Mean Girls, will also leave.

As sad as it is to see well-loved shows and movies leaving, there is a light. There is more space for creative and enjoyable forms of entertainment. Netflix’s viewers can be exposed to new movies and TV shows. What will you watch in 2018?

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