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Centennial Students Prepare for Finals Week

Words: Shawn Kruhm

With the school year winding down, students of Centennial have begun preparing for finals. A full week of tests from every class stands between students and their summer vacation.

It can be challenging for students to balance homework, extracurricular activities, and finals. To manage their finals, students must put time aside from their daily activities to study.

Junior Peyton Sites said, “I study about three hours a day and review all of my subjects.”

Being aware of quarter and midterm grades is important. If students know their grades, they can figure out the classes in which they need to dedicate more of their study time to.

Using the point system, students can calculate their final grades. Often students are grade locked, meaning their grade is already decided. No matter what they earn on their final, their grade will not change.

Performing well on midterms can benefit students later on in the year, taking away some of the stress from finals.

Sophomore Sully Beck-Winter said, “I have to prepare more for midterms because most of my grades are already locked at this point so I think midterms set the standard.”

Finals week is very stressful and time consuming for all students regardless of their midterm grades. Good luck to everyone testing this week!

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