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Clue: A Review

Words: Casper Ambrose

Centennial High School’s production of Clue was a good one. Hopefully you were able to catch it, but if you weren’t, here is a review of the show.  It had many strong points and outstanding actors.

Senior Noah Katz, who played the butler, performed incredibly and was very clear in his speaking. He also did a great job of using the whole stage and had very big actions.

Myeves Lucien, who played Yvette the maid, did an amazing, and convincing, French accent, and put on a spectacular performance.

The comedy aspect of the show was executed extremely well by the actors, making it very natural.

Aside from the actors, the set design was also impressive, as it had many moving pieces and actually looked like a house.

Clue was a great choice for this year’s fall play. Taking into consideration the ease of the comedy and the talent of the actors, Centennial’s production of Clue was truly remarkable.

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