G/T Research Program Holds Celebration of Excellence

G/T Research Program Holds Celebration of Excellence

Words: Javiera Diaz-Ortiz

Photos: Zach Grable

As the school year comes to an end, the G/T Research program held its Celebration of Excellence on April 29. Teachers Toni Ireland and Julia Bakhru gathered students, parents, mentors, and some special guests in the cafeteria to celebrate the students’ achievements in the Intern/Mentor and Independent Research classes.

Projects were displayed all over the cafeteria where parents and mentors could look at students’ final products and ask questions about their research. Some students presented their projects on display boards and science posters, while others created products such as brochures and slideshow presentations.

During the event, students were given the opportunity to hand their mentors certificates of appreciation. Not all mentors could attend, but those who did were honored with a brief speech by their student interns. Students conveyed their appreciation for the time, effort, and kindness that they were offered by their mentors.

The night ended on a cheerful note as guests enjoyed Chick-fil-A, as well as sides and desserts. Students, teachers, and mentors had the chance to reflect on their hard work and success throughout the past year at the Celebration of Excellence.


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