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The Return of Old Ellicott City

Words: Andrew Le

Due to the flood in May of 2018 that destroyed Old Ellicott City, residents were affected in many ways. Not only were several areas inaccessible, but entire roads were closed off, such as the one that travelled from the Roger Carter area to Frederick Road.

On April 27 of 2019, this road was opened back up, and Old Ellicott City returned. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, with the weather starting to change and summer coming up, the option of going to Old Ellicott City becomes more desirable.

Despite the city’s current success, recent tornadoes and heavy rainfall mimic the same events that put the area out of commission in the first place, which could raise questions regarding future development.

There are many businesses investing in opening at this monumental place, but is it truly a smart decision? There will be many costs, financially and even physically, if history chooses to repeat itself.

Should Old Ellicott City get shut down if it becomes victim to another flood? Or will it live on for many more years to come, allowing newer generations to experience this monument?


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