Fall Playlist

A little playlist for getting through the 2020 fall season. 

  • Fare Thee Well by Oscar Isaac and Marcus Mumford 
    • Taken from the soundtrack of the Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davis, a bittersweet film about a struggling folk singer, this version of the classic song conveys both the chill and warmth of fall altogether. 
  • Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridgers 
    • Off of the Stranger in the Alps album, this song is a deep look at tumultuous relationships with a soft but impactful guitar riff that reminds one of autumnal twilight. 
  • Pink + White by Frank Ocean 
    • From Frank Ocean’s second album, titled Blond(e), Pink + White’s first lyrics are reflective of the strongest emotions during a long-term quarantine. 
  • If She Ever Leaves Me by The Highwomen 
    • Country supergroup The Highwomen created this song specifically for member Brandi Carlile to sing. It’s a passionate ballad meant to tell the story of two lovers in a natural, albeit discrete relationship.  
  • Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Fender 
    • Springsteen inspired British musician Sam Fender wrote this song a year ago, however, its lyrics and tone still remain powerful even today. 
  • Come into the Water by Mitski 
    • Popular indie rock artist Mitski added this short piece to her most recent album, Be the Cowboy, which discusses the fear of connections and relationships through the wall that is self worth. 
  • Roses Are Falling by Orville Peck 
    • In this other gentle ballad, Orville Peck details an enemy-to-lover kind of relationship that brings to mind an awkward slow high school dance during a chilly fall night. 
  • Wasteland, Baby! by Hozier 
    • Irish artist Hozier displays not only the feeling of chaos in the modern world but the fear of it in a surprisingly comforting folk song. 
  • Black Mambo by Glass Animals 
    • An eerie piece from 2014 release ZABA, Black Mambo details a peculiar poker game between animals in a misty jungle, giving off an ominous energy that parallels the upcoming celebration of Halloween. 
  • Coffee for Dinner by Orion Sun 
    • Orion Sun’s song Coffee for Dinner gives off the energy of a misty fall morning, so early that the sun has not risen. Her gentle voice is soothing and generally fits the laid-back aura many seek during the season.


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