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Boys Basketball Loses to Reservoir, 56-54

Words: Emily Hollwedel

Photos: Delanie Tucker

On February 12, the Centennial Boys’ Varsity Basketball team took on Reservoir High School. It was also the team’s Senior Night. After the seniors from the drill team and basketball team walked onto the court and took photos, the game began.

At the tip-off, Centennial struggled to make shots and stand their ground to keep the ball in play. Four fouls were given to both teams, and the first quarter concluded with Reservoir in the lead, with a score of 13-8.

Second quarter was more of the same, but Centennial managed to score more points after a time out that allowed them to pick up speed. A boost of motivation came along with an impressive steal from Centennial to make a basket. The quarter finished 25-17, and Reservoir was still ahead.

The rise and fall of energy kept the third quarter score rather steady. Eventually, the points climbed up to 41-31, and Reservoir remained in the lead.

The Eagles kept up the fight in the fourth quarter. Several fouls shots allowed the Eagles to catch up with two minutes left, and a timeout helped the team greatly. Several impressive three-pointers set up an opportunity for the win, but in the end, the game finished with a final score of 56-54.

Centennial will take on the Lions at Howard High School on Thursday at 5:30pm.

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Centennial Students Dress for Snow Day During Winter Spirit Week

Words: Emily Hollwedel

Photos: Jenna Torres

On Wednesday, December 19, students dressed up for Snow Day, where students and staff wore blue and white to celebrate the upcoming winter break.

Some students wore coordinating shirts and pants, were draped in blankets, or sported ski goggles.

Thursday’s spirit day is Ugly Sweater Day, where participating students are encouraged to wear the ugliest sweaters they own.

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CHS Girls’ Varsity Basketball Defeats Long Reach

Words: Emily Hollwedel

Photos: Eliza Andrew

Last Friday, the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team faced Long Reach for the third game of the season. The final score was 57-49, with the Eagles taking the win.

“We played great as a team,” said junior Rasa Welsh. “We moved the ball really well and made the right adjustments as the game went on.”

Welsh also added that one of the best contributors to the game was a collective effort of staying calm under pressure. “We had nothing to lose playing this game,” Welsh said. “We knew that Long Reach was a good team, but [also that] we could handle it.”

In terms of preparing for the next game, Welsh noted that it was going to be difficult. “We really have to work on our passing, getting back on transition, and taking control of the game.”

Varsity Girls’ Basketball will take on the Reservoir Gators at home on Monday, December 17, at 5:30 pm.

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Three Halloween Movies Through the Decades

Words: Emily Hollwedel

The room is dark, the only light a dimly lit screen. No one dares to move, or speak, or even breathe. Hearts pound, and breaths hitch. Suddenly with a flash of an image and a shriek of noise, the people on the edges of their seats lurch backwards in a rush of fear. This is exactly how horror movies are supposed to make people feel- thrilled, anxious, and terrified all at once.

For decades, a wide variety of horror movies have been created to frighten people all across the world. Here are three iconic films from the horror screen just in time for Halloween.

Halloween – 1978

During a time when horror movies were considerably haunting, Halloween, directed by John Carpenter, tells the tale of Michael Myers, an escaped killer, and his attempts to attack a high school student named Laurie Strode on the chilling night of October 31. This film keeps the audience holding their breath throughout incredibly tense, dark scenes that follow. Viewers will find themselves wondering if they, too, are being followed, and if the monsters they’ve read about are truly fiction or not.

Scream – 1996

Wes Craven’s Scream was a breath of fresh air to horror in a time of sequels and repetitive nature. It follows a masked killer’s string of murders in a middle-class town usually resembling paradise. Sidney Prescott, a girl attending the local high school, is attacked multiple times by the killer, while coping with the one-year anniversary of her mother’s death, and during a party finds herself trying figure out who is behind the rising body count. The quick wit and charm of this movie comes into play through its self-awareness and sarcasm. Though somewhat cliché, it’s still amusing, and every moment is thrilling.

It– 2017

Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel provides a recounting of seven outcast kids in the town of Derry, Maine, as they search for the interdimensional alien creature named Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the horrific summer of 1989. The film deeply contrasts the previously made mini-series by splitting the movies between youth and adulthood, as well as keeping up with the increasing quality of CGI that was not available in the 90s. With every element of a twisted coming of age story, the changes in the kids who are forced to face their fears head-on are shocking, but prominent by the end of the film. The truly frightful jumpscares and psychological pressure, speckled in the popular 80s nostalgia is high throughout each scene, making it both fun and petrifying for viewers.

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Centennial Golf Wraps Up State Tournament

Words: Emily Hollwedel

On the morning of Tuesday, October 25, the Centennial Golf team arrived at University of Maryland College Park to begin states.  The results were unexpected.

Ty Sams, who did not place in the qualifiers, placed twelfth in the Boy’s 3A/4A Division Tournament.  He advanced on to the playoff round and tied for seventeenth.

Sams shot 162 strokes over the two days of the tournament.

Kenny Chaplain placed fifth in boys districts, and Morgan Taylor placed third in the girls districts to qualify for the state tournament.  Both ended up below the cut line in both divisions.  Chaplain shot 87, while Taylor shot a 94.

The Centennial team as a whole placed twelfth in states with a score of 359.

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Centennial Golf Team Places and Moves On to States

Words: Emily Hollwedel

On October 8, Centennial Golf had an incredibly successful day at the District Golf Championship.

Kenny Chaplain and Morgan Taylor placed in the recent tournament. Taylor placed third in the girl’s division, while Chaplain placed fifth in boys. The entire golf team also claimed the fourth place in the tournament, and is now qualified for states in Maryland.

Chaplain and Taylor provided insight on how they felt about the tournament, and how they plan to prepare for states.

“I don’t really know what to feel yet,” Chaplain admitted. “The whole round was so strange… I could have done so much better, but I’m content with how I did.”

“This was my first time playing in Districts. I knew that I did all I could to use what I have learned and integrate it into every shot,” Taylor said. “I felt proud of myself, but I knew I still had more work to do [for states].”

Chaplain also talked about their preparation for states.

“For starters, I always play a practice round or two at the course to really get a feel for what type of shots I have to hit and where misses are penalizing or not,” commented Chaplain. “This is my third time going to states, and being a senior this time, there’s almost a sense of urgency to do well. I have to figure out how to quell this anxiety that could ultimately push me to force myself into hitting bad shots and overthinking everything.”

Taylor is also practicing in a similar fashion.

“I’m excited to play in states because it will be my first time… I think I am prepared enough mentally and physically to put up a good score,” she said.

The State Golf Tournament in Maryland is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 22, and end on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

Photo Contributed By Stephen Lee

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