Students Find Outlet in Music During Isolation

June 21, 2020

Words: Emily Hollwedel Quarantine. The word that ties together our county, our state, and even our nation. In the wake of COVID-19 outbreaks nationwide, students and parents are working from home and have limited access to their friends and to most of the things that define late spring and the start of...

BLM: A Look at Performative Protests on Social Media

June 17, 2020

Words: Emily Hollwedel In the midst of a virus’ wrath, the nation reveals another deep, old wound that has been with it since the beginning: racism.  Within the span of a month, three names— maybe more— have flashed across television and smartphone screens across the country: Ahmaud Arbery. B...

Climate Change Action Continues at Centennial

Climate Change Action Continues at Centennial

December 10, 2019

Words: Emily Hollwedel Photo Contributed by: Austin Roch On Friday, December 6, numerous Centennial students stood up from the warmth of their third period classes and exited the building to promote a worldwide climate change operation. The intent of this walkout was to promote awareness of the crisis p...

Centennial Student Attends EAS Conference

December 4, 2019

Words: Emily Hollwedel On November 18, junior Masha Samokhvalova travelled to Plainsboro, New Jersey to participate in the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS), centered around analytical chemistry and other related sciences. Among the attendees of the annual conference were various university staff, students...

Greetings from Sarfraz Manzoor: An Exclusive Wingspan Interview

The cast and author Blinded by the Light pose for a picture.

November 5, 2019

Words: Emily Hollwedel Photos Contributed by: Sarfraz Manzoor A young Pakistani boy around the age of sixteen is sitting in his room on a wooden chair in the dark. A party, bass thumping, can be heard from a few houses down, a party he can’t attend. He’s holding a cassette tape in his hand with ...

Fall Concert Recap

Fall Concert Recap

October 22, 2019

Words: Thomas Hitt Band On Monday, October 14, Centennial kicked off the fall concert cycle with their four band ensembles.  The jazz band opened the night, performing two upbeat songs that were filled with solos. The first song was Barnburner by Les Hooper and the second song was LaFiesta by Chick C...

Student Exchange Day Highlights Differences in Schools Across County

Student Exchange Day Highlights Differences in Schools Across County

April 1, 2019

Words: Sasha Allen and Emily Hollwedel Photos: Zach Grable On Wednesday, March 27, six students from Long Reach in the Howard County Student Exchange program visited Centennial to see what it was like to go to a different school. Overall, the response to the exchange day was positive. “It’s not too different from Long R...

High School Students to Participate in First Ever Howard County Student Exchange Day

March 26, 2019

Words: Sasha Allen and Emily Hollwedel *Editor's Note: April 1, 2019--This article has been modified to reflect the correct date of the second exchange, April 3. A previous version stated that it was April 4.* About a year ago, Wilde Lake senior Rachel Henry was going about her usual day when she was...

Boys Basketball Loses to Reservoir, 56-54

Boys Basketball Loses to Reservoir, 56-54

February 14, 2019

Words: Emily Hollwedel Photos: Delanie TuckerOn February 12, the Centennial Boys’ Varsity Basketball team took on Reservoir High School. It was also the team’s Senior Night. After the seniors from the drill team and basketball team walked onto the court and took photos, the game began. At the ...

Centennial Students Dress for Snow Day During Winter Spirit Week

December 21, 2018

Words: Emily Hollwedel Photos: Jenna Torres On Wednesday, December 19, students dressed up for Snow Day, where students and staff wore blue and white to celebrate the upcoming winter break. Some students wore coordinating shirts and pants, were draped in blankets, or sported ski goggles. Thursday’s spir...

CHS Girls’ Varsity Basketball Defeats Long Reach

CHS Girls' Varsity Basketball Defeats Long Reach

December 17, 2018

Words: Emily Hollwedel Photos: Eliza Andrew Last Friday, the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team faced Long Reach for the third game of the season. The final score was 57-49, with the Eagles taking the win. “We played great as a team,” said junior Rasa Welsh. “We moved the ball really well and made the right ...

Three Halloween Movies Through the Decades

Three Halloween Movies Through the Decades

October 26, 2018

Words: Emily Hollwedel The room is dark, the only light a dimly lit screen. No one dares to move, or speak, or even breathe. Hearts pound, and breaths hitch. Suddenly with a flash of an image and a shriek of noise, the people on the edges of their seats lurch backwards in a rush of fear. This is exactly how ...

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