How Studying and School Work has Evolved through the Pandemic

In the midst of returning to in-person school for some, and continuing with fully virtual for others, finals and AP exams are underway. Along with that, the spring sports season for school has recently begun. Students have had to establish new routines and new study strategies just as the school year is drawing to a close, and that can understandably be stressful.

2020 has been a rough year for students and teachers alike. The return to school may have simply added to the stress of finishing the school year in the “new normal”.  

“It’s harder to motivate doing homework when I feel overwhelmed about the amount of work expected just because we’re at home,” said Centennial junior Rena Middleton. 

Studying habits have changed throughout the past year due to COVID. Many people feel unmotivated or unfocused due to the more relaxed home life, however some students have adapted quite well. 

“Last year, I used to go to the library to study frequently because it helped me focus but because of COVID I’ve adapted to studying at home,” freshman Joanne Yoon expressed. “I also study a lot more now because I feel like I have more time and I’m always stuck at home.” 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for others to focus. “I spend a lot more time doing nothing but stressing about what has to get done,” stated Middleton. “The work that I do is more last minute and barely done.”

Students have been able to provide tips on staying focused that work for them, both for the virtual learning style and for full in-person learning. A senior at Glenelg, Arunima Kohli, explained that she “take[s] breaks after studying heavily and [doesn’t] push it to the last minute.” 

Yoon had similar tips. “Making sure you have food in your system before studying is really helpful because it helps you to focus,” Yoone said. “Also, make sure to give yourself 5-10 minute breaks when studying for long periods of time!”

Despite the difficulty, some good has come out of the extra work for some students. “GT and AP classes push you to do work on your own with minimal help from others, and taking many has made me more independent and self motivated,” expressed Kohli. Students have been able to gain knowledge and wisdom through their chosen AP and GT courses, which better prepares them for their future and their further education. 

The school year is almost over, and both students and teachers are eager for the summer break.


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