Administrators and Class Board Hold Closing Activities for Senior Class

Despite the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, CHS administrators and students are working together to ensure that this year’s senior class has a memorable send off. 

While the Class of 2021 has missed out on some of the quintessential senior year activities, the school community has come together to organize engaging activities to help seniors celebrate their accomplishments as a class. On Saturday, May 15, seniors will have the opportunity to participate in a full day of outdoor games, live musical performances, and award presentations. 

The senior celebration is a result of the combined efforts of Centennial’s principal Cynthia Dillon, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), and senior class leaders. Senior Class Board President Kiran Vepa “began trying to plan senior events that were COVID safe a couple days before the first day of school.” However, the Superintendent’s office soon informed administrators that they could not hold school-sponsored events until pandemic cases declined. Once those restrictions were eased in mid-February, event organization began in full swing. 

“We were told we could only have one event with an in-person and virtual option, and it must have some type of celebration activity and awards component,” Dillon shared. 

The awards component of the celebration offers an opportunity for seniors to don the fancy attire they had hoped to wear at prom. Vepa and the senior class board proposed the idea of a “red carpet” awards ceremony as an alternative to the dance, hiring professional photographers to capture each moment. “[The Awards Night] is a chance for us to recognize our peers who have done amazing things and celebrate each other, especially in a time that was extremely chaotic,” Vepa said.
Leading up to awards night, seniors may attend a carnival during the afternoon that will feature a multitude of outdoor activities such as laser tag and spikeball. The PTSA is sponsoring the event and providing sanitation stations for students to remain safe. 

In order to be as cautious as possible, Dillon and the class board paid special attention to planning outdoor activities where there was ample room for social distancing. 

“We wanted to keep students safe while also providing them with memorable experiences,” Vepa explained. “We did our best to make sure masks and guidelines were enforced at every event.” 

Despite the extra planning, it was well worth it to take the proper precautions and avoid the chance of new COVID cases arising. “If it means we have to work our hardest to give [seniors] a very special event and show our appreciation, we will do that to the best of our ability,” Dillon remarked.    

As the class of ‘21 prepares to leave Centennial, the closing activities will allow them to connect with their classmates one final time and reminisce on the high school memories they share. Vepa knows that “none of [the events] would have been possible without students showing up and participating in them.” 

Dillon agreed, saying, “I hope the senior class will enjoy this opportunity that last year’s class was not afforded.” In the end, she added, we all need to celebrate what is right in front of us instead of focusing on what we’ve lost.


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