Safe Holiday Season Ideas 

It’s the holiday season, but I think we can all agree that it most certainly doesn’t feel like it. By now, holiday commercials with masks and social distancing have been on our TV screens for weeks. Coming up on the cusp of a year in quarantine, it’s hard to keep up holiday festivities and energy. So here are some ideas to try out to make the most of it. 

  • Bake Apple Cider Doughnuts: a warm breakfast for a chilly winter morning 
  • Cookie Decorating contest: get a group together either online or with a few people in person to see who can make their cookie decorating the most creative and fun 
  • DIY Decorations: including but not limited to 
    • Wreaths 
    • Ornaments 
    • Snowflakes 
    • Ice Lanterns 
    • Pinecone Owls 
  • Treetop Treats: Make a nice holiday gift for local birds looking for food with bagels, dried fruit, and seeds 
  • Letters: Send holiday themed, hand-written messages to your loved ones 
  • Curate Playlists: for friends, family, or just for a nice time 
  • Reindeer Ring Toss: a fun game to play with whoever is home or dropping by 
  • Lights: take a drive around some neighborhoods well known for their Christmas lights, or through a show (such as the Merriweather Symphony of Lights
  • Movie Night: watch a holiday movie with either family or over zoom with friends 


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