Centennial’s Project Lead the Way

The application of science and mathematics is something that is a crucial experience for students interested in STEM-related fields. At Centennial, Project Lead the Way is different from a regular science or math class in that it values real experiences and the proper practice of applying both of the subjects’ problems. 

“[Our goal is] to create a transformative learning environment and empower students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an evolving world,” said Daleth Sendin, who runs the class. Through collaboration, students are tasked with finding solutions based on the principles of math and science. 

“[Classes include] lots of collaboration, lots of building and interactivity, [and] problem solving,” explained Sendin. “The students get to see the evolution of theory into something real and authentic.” 

Like other classes, Project Lead the Way is suffering from the transition to online learning. 

“The main impact has been the loss of all the practical project activities,” Sendin pointed out. The shift away from the classroom has greatly affected the necessary collaborative piece of Project Lead the Way, as well as the hands-on aspect of it. 

“A fair amount of the curriculum had to be adapted but not all online software or activities met the full experience of what students would see in class,” continued Sendin. Even so, the class is still striving to empower students to survive in a modern world.