March Student Spotlight


1-What is your comfort show?

2-If you could have lunch with one artist, who would it be?

3-What’s one piece of advice you would give to yourself at the beginning of quarantine?

4-What’s your favorite store?

5-If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it and why?

Gabby Simmonds (Freshman)

  1. My comfort show Haikyuu!! 
  2. If I could have lunch with one artist, it would be Ricky Montgomery! It would be cool to ask about his inspiration for music.
  3. I think I would say “It’s okay to be honest with yourself, take a break if you need to.”
  4. My favorite store would be Michaels, since I enjoy doing art!
  5. I’m not entirely sure about this one, but I think I would donate some to shelters so that the people and organizations that need money can have what they need. As for the rest of them, I think that I would save the rest of it.


Forrest Lin (Sophomore)

  1. Tom&Jerry
  2. Bruno Mars
  3. Pace yourself and take care of yourself
  4. Gamestop
  5. I would buy a bunch of games and then donate it away to an environmental organization


Billy Allen (Sophomore) 

  1. The office 
  2. J. Cole
  3. Try not to get too discouraged and stay motivated. 
  4. Target 
  5. I would invest half of it so it keeps growing and I would donate a quarter to charity and have the other quarter to spend


Luke Lascasas (Junior)

  1. My favorite show to watch is The Office because it is really funny.
  2. If I could have lunch with one artist it would be with Drake because I really enjoy his music and he seems like a cool guy.
  3. One piece of advice I would give to myself at the beginning of quarantine would be to spend more time focusing on school because it would end at some point.
  4. My favorite store is Costco because it has everything you need there.
  5. If I had a million dollars, I would use it as I needed to, with some purchases of things that I wanted, but go on with my life as I would have before.


Kash Awosika (Senior)

  1. It’s okay to not be okay 
  2. Bill Withers 
  3. “Walk away from the burger patties” 
  4. Thrift stores 
  5. I’d buy my mom her dream home because she deserves to be taken care of and with whatever is left i would most likely invest it 


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