Roller Coaster Year For JV Lacrosse

The 2021 Centennial lacrosse season was very successful, despite being greatly impacted by the spread of COVID-19. The entire 2020 season had been cancelled due to COVID just two weeks into the start of practices. 

With COVID still causing troubles, players and coaches feared that the season would be cut short or be cancelled. Five games into the JV lacrosse season, the Howard County athletic directors decided to add three additional games due to the success the season was facing.

Other schools did not have enough JV athletes, so players were pulled up to the varsity team instead. This affected Centennial JV’s schedule as they would later have the last three games scratched. 

“It hasn’t really impacted this year as much, except it was a shorter season. It was nice to play all in county teams since I knew some of the opponents,” said JV defenseman Will Cavey. 

Throughout all the changes and cancelations of practices due to COVID and unforeseen weather, the team persevered and finished the season with six wins and only one loss. Two wins against Glenelg and a comeback win against Hebron were the highlights of those six wins. 


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