How Students Plan On Spending Their Summers

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of our previous summer plans on hold, or simply stopped them all together. People were unable to travel to their usual vacation areas, were unable to visit family, and missed out on some holiday traditions. Thankfully, with COVID-19 vaccines and herd immunity, everyone’s hoping to get back to their usual summer vacations. 

Most people missed out on quality time with their friends and family, such as River Hill sophomore Allie Billups. “Family events that we used to have every year were stopped,” she mentioned. Public events, such as concerts and festivals were stopped as well. “A lot of our favorite restaurants closed due to low attendance,” said Billups. 

Centennial freshman Sara Khan looks forward to something more solitary this summer. “I might just stay home. I’m mostly just waiting for a break from school.” The majority of people readily agree with her. Virtual/hybrid schooling has been somewhat of a chore for both students and teachers alike. They’re all looking forward to continuing their old traditions, as well as possibly adding new ones. 

Billups stated, “I want to try going to amusement parks more with my friends since I have never been on any big rides. I also want to better myself.”

While it may be exciting to get back to normal, many people may have a hard time adjusting to what life was like before COVID. Many people have been more affected by allergies as mask mandates begin disappearing, so things such as the common cold and seasonal allergy tolerance must be built up again. 

The rise of the cicadas is also a bit of a bother for people. Khan exclaimed, “No one in my family wants to leave the house because of the cicadas.” While they’re not dangerous, they are an annoyance due to the massive quantity. 

Overall, students are ready to finish school and travel with friends and family they may have not been able to see last summer, along with bettering themselves and growing both physically and mentally. “I hope my summer will be the best summer I have ever had,” Billups says. “I will get to hang out with my friends and just have fun.” 


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