Girls’ Soccer Program Celebrates Seniors on Tuesday Night

Girls’ Soccer Program Celebrates Seniors on Tuesday Night

Gabby Graves

On Tuesday, September 14, the Centennial girls’ soccer team honored their seven seniors against Mount Hebron High School. Emma Bennett, Emily Hagen, Olivia Jackson, Callie Lascasas, Ellie Muñoz, Rend Nayfeh, and Lauren Pelligrini walked across the field alongside their family and friends. 

Emma Bennett, a senior forward on the team, recently joined the program and expressed the emotions she underwent last night. “Walking across the field I felt the realness of senior year. Since this was my first and only year playing I definitely felt some sadness [since] I wasn’t able to be a part of the program the past three years.”

Although the eagles lost 4-0, it was a very bittersweet moment for the seniors.

Senior goalkeeper, Olivia Jackson, added, “The game last night was obviously not how we wanted it to go, we were lacking in areas Hebron took advantage of… it’s only the beginning of the season and we can only go up from here.”

“…this is a night that I have looked forward to all four years, especially watching all the seniors go through it each year, so there was definitely a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the night,” said Ellie Muñoz, a four-year defender in the program. 

The team also enjoys each others’ company and are grateful for the amazing coaching staff.

“A lot of the girls who play on club teams know that the environment of those teams can sometimes be very competitive and a little toxic, so it’s really refreshing to be on a team that is more centered on camaraderie and supporting each other,” Muñoz also mentioned. 

This was the second game of the season and their next one will be Tuesday, September 21 at 4:00 p.m. at Hammond High School. 


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