Centennial Field Hockey Secures Win Against Rivals on Senior Night

On Friday, September 10, Centennial girls’ field hockey beat rival, Mount Hebron High School, 4-1 on their senior night.

Senior Ellen Landrum scored two goals, along with seniors Alaina Kelly and Meghan Creel each contributing one as well.

The team honored seniors Sarah Arcuri, Aryanna Bhasin, Ella Boodin, Emma Bush, Bailey Carpenter, Meghan Creel, Michelle Hershfeld, Alaina Kelly, Ellen Landrum, Julia Littlefield, and Bryn schwartz.

The first goal of the game was scored by Mount Hebron, which put Centennial down early on, however, Centennial scored almost immediately after and got back into a position where they could take the lead.

“When we were down a point, I was not worried at all. Our team was playing well, and I knew that we could easily catch up because of our great energy,” stated Creel. The energy that Creel mentioned carried through with the rest of the team because within a minute of Hebron scoring, Centennial caught up.

Landrum claimed, “Even if we hadn’t scored immediately, we have an incredible culture of positivity in our program and a preliminary setback never gets us down.”

  Although Centennial won the game, there is still a lot of room for improvement. An area that can be worked on is communication. “Letting each other know where we are on the field is important and we could have utilized that more,” Meghan Creel. 


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