Centennial Students Step Up with Service Work

Service-learning opportunities allow for Centennial High School students to explore different interests and help their community. Two students, senior Sean Wang, and sophomore Rohan Vyas, recently talked with the Centennial Wingspan on why student service is important.

Senior Sean Wang is an active member of several student service organizations that support the local community including the National Chinese Honor Society and Students for Social Awareness group.  With these activities, he hopes to explore different prevalent issues and gain leadership skills while doing activities that he loves. “I hope to make myself a more rounded person,” Wang said. 

To find a balance between student service work and his personal life, Wang doesn’t look at his participation as a task; rather, he chooses to recognize the contributions that his work has made for the community. 

“It’s pretty easy to incorporate student service work into personal life in my opinion; they’re not mutually exclusive. I enjoy [these] activities and view them as a social event rather than just doing service work,” he stated. 

When asked about his purpose for participating in these activities, he shared that they provide him with a sense of joy and fulfillment. Without doing something meaningful, Wang feels without purpose.  

In terms of future engagement, Wang says he hopes to continue expanding his participation in these service-learning activities and bring forth greater access to the Students for Social Awareness organization, “I plan on expanding the scope of my service learning, specifically expanding Students for Social Awareness to more countries, especially those that generally have less access to resources compared to us.”

Another student who is actively participating in student service extracurricular activities is sophomore Rohan Vyas. 

Vyas is an active member of the Howard County Association of Student Councils (HCASC) and a volunteer for the Bal Vihar Greater Baltimore Temple.

Through these service-learning opportunities, Vyas aims to support his community by working on climate change projects and environmental awareness. He hopes to use different public speaking platforms to create a positive impact in his community.

“I want to be involved with these activities in order to stay engaged in my community and express my need for change on topics, specifically the issue of climate change,” Vyas expressed. 

As for future plans, he aspires to intern at the University of Maryland Medical Center to work with board-certified psychiatrists and gain more knowledge in the medical field. Both interning and service work involve benefiting the greater good of the people.

Although Wang and Vyas have different interests, they both share one common goal: to serve their community as effectively as possible while maintaining a balance between academics, service work, and personal time. With more than 80 clubs and societies at CHS, students have an array of opportunities to explore which will lead to involvement in the school community.


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