Retellings, Dystopian, Mystery…What Will 2022 Bring for Reading?

Retellings, Dystopian, Mystery…What Will 2022 Bring for Reading?

Abby Conrad January 26, 2022

There was an enormous rise in popularity for reading in 2021. In fact, YA (Young Adult) books saw 8 million units sold in 2021, causing the popularity of the genre to rise to 60% overall, according...

HCPSS COVID-19 Updates

Abby Rothrock January 26, 2022

As of January 5, 2022, Howard County has put new mandates in place in an effort to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases. Within the last few weeks, there has been an increase in COVID cases as the new Omicron...

2022: Year of The Tiger

Julia Gaevsky and Kenzie Veres January 25, 2022

The Chinese Zodiac year starts following the Chinese New Year, which begins in late January to mid-February. It is theorized in Chinese culture that a person’s characteristics are associated with their...

Students Give Opinions on Possible Return to Virtual Learning

Pierce Pearson January 25, 2022

As Positive COVID Cases Continue To Rise, Talk of Returning To Virtual School Has Become Prominent The debate about the effectiveness and safety of virtual school in comparison to that of in-person...

Eagles’ Wrestling Team Slams The Competition

Judah Williams January 13, 2022

Centennial’s wrestling team returned in a dominant showcase of athleticism on Tuesday, January 11, against Long Reach and River Hill.  Since the winter season's month-long postponement, athletes...

Encanto Review

Aidan Clark January 13, 2022

*SPOILERS AHEAD* Encanto, released on November 24, 2021, is a Disney, animated film about the story of a girl named Mirabel Madrigal. She is born into a family where every child has a unique power that...

Centennial Students’ Guilty Pleasures

Gabby Graves January 12, 2022

Do you have a Chromebook? The answer across the board should be yes, as for the first time this year, the school has mandated school-issued chromebooks to all students. Chromebooks have made it easy...

Winter Sports Are Back!

Gabby Graves January 11, 2022

Sporting contests will start back up this Tuesday, January 11, and Wednesday, January 12.  The wrestling team has a match Tuesday against Long Reach High School and River Hill High School at 4/5:30/7...

A Look Into The Postponement of Sports

Madison Ceglia January 6, 2022

Flashback to March 2020: activities started to be canceled and the hallways were buzzing with talk and estimates about closure. On March 13, the two week “break” was announced, which was just the beginning...

Winter Spirit Week!

Ishita Mehta December 16, 2021

Hey Eagles!  Get excited because next week is spirit week! Be sure to show off your school spirit  Monday is PJ day so wear your comfiest PJs. Tuesday is Iced out – Underclassmen are...

In-person activities CANCELED

Ishita Mehta December 15, 2021

The following in-person activities are suspended immediately through January 15, 2022. A reevaluation will take place on January 7, 2022. Activities include: Athletic practices and games Theater...

Shedding Light on Centennials Hanukkah Traditions

Shedding Light on Centennial’s Hanukkah Traditions

Bryn Schwartz December 13, 2021

Cue the Dreidel Song, because Hanukkah is here. Following the Jewish calendar, Hanukkah falls on a different date in the secular calendar every year. Starting on November 29, the holiday is celebrated...

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