Turning Red Review

Photo courtesy of Pixar/Disney+

Photo courtesy of Pixar/Disney+

Do you remember a time when life suddenly felt weird? When you felt gross and as if you were being judged by others? If so, check out the heartwarming new Pixar film, Turning Red.

Rewinding back to 2002, Meilin Lee, an adventurous and assured 13 year old girl is ready to blossom into womanhood. For her entire life, she had been striving to be perfect to meet her mother’s expectations. For years, she had held her reputation of the stereotypical “perfect Chinese daughter,” by achieving perfect grades, playing the violin, tap dancing, and taking care of her family’s temple, until one day, when her life changed completely.

Turning Red portrays the process of a young girl who undergoes her first experience with puberty. Her excitement, sadness, anger, and romantic feelings creates a new version of herself she never expressed before. Astounded, yet scared with herself, Meilin begins to let life lead her to this new style of living.

A key aspect of the animation in Turning Red is the high quality graphics. The story is shown realistically with visual details that relate to the culture of Asian middle schoolers who live in a western country. From the details of facial expressions to the background setting, the animation is beautifully executed.

Turning Red gives the audience an optimistic input in facing the changes of growth. Turning Red is a film that illustrates the journey of learning to set boundaries between yourself and others through hardships.

Through featuring a wide range of races, cultures, genders, and themes, Turning Red includes diversity as it teaches the audience about how change can be uncomfortable, but important, as people grow older. It is a wonderful movie that everyone should watch, regardless of age, race, and gender identity. 


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