The Class of 2022 is Crabby About the Senior Activity Cancellation

With activities such as the senior sunrise, senior nights in sports, and homecoming, it’s safe to say the fall is an exciting time for the senior student body!

One of the most popular senior events celebrated every year is the Crab Feast. Filled with other foods such as mac and cheese, salad, barbecue, drinks, and more, the event is not just a crab feast, but a celebration. 

However, an unexpected lack of participation by the class of 2022 student body shocked the class board and many seniors. Under 100 tickets were purchased, resulting in the cancellation of the Crab Feast.

 Many seniors are upset with the lack of enthusiasm for the feast; it is the first event that brings the senior class together, making it very special.

Many teachers claim it’s the best event to occur as well. “The Crab Feast is definitely the best senior event,” former class sponsor Mr. Panzerella said while wearing a crab pattern mask. 

2022 class sponsor Liz Engle agreed, adding she still remembers her senior Crab Feast. “It gave us the opportunity to be together as a senior class. It also strengthens your bond and gets everyone hype for senior year. Some of you guys have been together since kindergarten, these are the kind of people you will always have a connection with for the same reason, the class of 2022.” 

Due to its size, the event takes a lot of planning. “The classboard organizes the event with the help of Mr. Moe and Mrs. Engle, we talked about catering, heavily advertised for the event, and tried to get seniors to buy tickets to hold the Crab Feast,” explained class board member Francesca Cumello. 

The crab feast is supposed to be rescheduled for the spring, however, in hopes of more ticket purchases.

Cumello added, “It’s really important we have the event because we did not get any junior events because of COVID, we are just getting out of the pandemic and when given the opportunity to hold events, like the crabfeast, which is now canceled, it is really important for our senior experience… turning it around after a tough past year.” 


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