Turn up the Music with T-Swift and Adele!

Ishita Mehta

The blonde girl who continues to steal (and break) our hearts came out with a new old album, Red. This time though, it’s Taylor’s Version. 

Taylor Swift is working to re-release some of her best work as hers now, not some big-shot production companies’. She took ownership and re-released her popular album “Fearless” back in April. The new Red came to the ears of fans on November 12, 2021, and somehow, she made the album even better.

 Just one week later, on November 19, another talented artist released her first album in 6 years, 30. We got a glimpse of it with her single “Easy On Me,” which was released weeks prior. I’m not talking about anyone other than the soulful Adele. 

Her songs have us rolling in the deep within our feels. Adele’s keys are so powerful that this album was an emotional punch. It’s been very long-awaited, which makes it even more worth listening to if you’re willing to sob (kidding! But I’m not). 

Taylor’s new old songs remind us of what we all need. Taylor’s magical lyrics make me feel as if I’m in the moment of her songs. What can I say, I’m a Swiftie at heart, but that can vary from person to person, so I asked some fellow music lovers about their thoughts on the albums. 

“Both are very enjoyable, but in different ways,” said senior Caitlyn Daproza. “Taylor’s focuses on nostalgia because it’s a re-release, but Adele’s is more a life story, like processing the hardships of her life,” she concluded. I also asked another music enthusiast, junior Fatima Masood, about her thoughts. She revealed that, “With Red Taylor’s Version, we got a look at some of her other songs which were shut down by production companies for being unconventional to her style or in general like All Too Well 10-minute version and Nothing New.” I’d say Red and 30 are amazing albums and are exactly what was needed for “sad-girl Autumn.”


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